INTRODUCING Belgin Bozsahin

by Loo Loo Rose


Art & Culture May 21, 2014

Belgin Bozsahin bluetulip on greybluefrontviewI come from a fine art background. I painted in oil for a long time. Not satisfied, I wanted to create highly textural 3 dimensional work which became the impetus to create in ceramics, particularly in porcelain. Along with my sculptures, installations and bespoke wall pieces, I make rather quirky and unique objets d’art home accessories and gift items inspired by my art projects. All these pieces are very fine high-fired porcelain making them robust yet elegant. BelgnB.greendoorwedge.My brand is me really and my work is made to commission for clients directly or for professional interior designers whilst the home accessories are on prestige websites, at galleries and selected fairs.I mostly use high fired fine porcelain. I source all my materials from UK manufacturers.  I use under glaze as well as high quality gold lustres.  I use my own designs and commercial ceramic transfers to further embellish the surface design of the small items. I meet and admire many artists that do not have an academic background.DSC_0014 I loved my degree years for offering me a protected time, a free reign, to focus entirely on what I wanted to make with amazing resources at my disposal. I was able to change my direction, the materials I used and progress in my method of working very quickly.01_CCA_Bel 012There is always more than what we see on the surface. For me things are not perfectly smooth, spotless or still. My work is about the contrast between inside and out and the tension this can create.  I use ceramic – usually fine quality porcelain, to represent the potential of the human condition in the context of our perceived limitations.  And I take the opportunity with abstract pieces to show how beautiful it is to feel free as a human being.  My work has a quietness to it – in the same way a whisper is more attractive than a shout – it invites you to consider the options and opportunities being alive offers to appreciate.Abstract croppedI do all my work by hand. I love using my hands to create work.  Alongside the discipline of my figurative work, I also enjoy allowing my hands to express intuitively what I feel without preconceived forms.  My oeuvres may seem different, yet for me they inform each other. I see the binding thread between them. I do not use any machine or a third party to produce my work. When I have something to say through my work I usually begin with the human body – my own for the body cast series where I press mould and hand build the foundation shape, or for installations like “Sweet Dependence”, I cast the hands of close friends and family. My husband’s hand has produced one of the most beautiful pieces.  He doesn’t let me forget that! I then take these forms, adding colours, layers, quantities and variety to express my experiences of the seeming-universal quest to satisfy the longing of the human heart. I reference the differing cultures familiar to me. I use the sculptural wall pieces to express free and abstract emotions.  This technique has evolved over several years when a small box of hand-formed scales was left with me to throw away. Not being able to discard things easily pushed me to create a tiny test piece by embedding these left over scales into fresh clay. That was the beginning of my two collections “Beneath the Surface” and “Abstract”.Belgin Bozsahin Pullplain copyI now hand form scale-like pieces in various shapes, sizes, and thicknesses in porcelain. I always start by opening a slab where I sometimes do a linear drawing that is not pre-determined. I allow the work to take shape by embedding the pieces intuitively. Most of the time I try to finish the piece in one sitting regardless of how many hours it may take so as to not interrupt its flow.  This is not always possible on larger pieces.DSC_0004 copyWe are all unique and even though we subconsciously or consciously take ideas from each other, yet what we make is a “product “ per se of our being. My unique point is I express myself with as much sincerity as I can, kneading that inspiration with my personality, culture, emotions, feelings, strengths and knowledge, and whatever comes out I can then own as mine.  What I hope to achieve is to somehow to speak to those who see my work, that in some way it reflects the worth, the beauty and joy of their own lives.BBozsahin Opening(1)Currently I am working on a commission from the ‘Abstract’ series for an architectural designer. It is a large work 100 cm x 100 cm, a companion piece to two smaller, completed pieces 60 cm x 60 cm.  I am at the final firing stage and expect to deliver soon. I have the framing to complete and am waiting for the final colour choice for that by the client. At the same time I am developing new work. I used to paint and enjoyed colours in my work, but my palette over the last few years is mainly white. I really miss colours now, so I have been experimenting with colouring porcelain for my next body of work.  I am working on different effect using the 3 dimensional pieces as well. In very early development for me, is a new dynamic. A photographer friend has been working on a particular project documenting the River Gerry, in north of Edinburgh. Since seeing these images several years ago I have wanted to create a work inspired by this amazing place. Finally, a month ago I had the chance to see it with my own eyes.  I don’t know exactly what will come up yet – it is so fresh for me – my heart and I are contemplating, my hands are itching!gold painted





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