MAHILA Intimates: Modern Loungewear with a Difference

Mahila is an ethically made and multifunctional Ath-leisure, Lounge & Underwear brand, designed by two sisters and produced in London for the modern day woman. With ‘Mahila’ meaning a collective of women in multiple Indian dialects, it is a clothing brand but also a platform and community for women to be seen and heard, dealing with topics such as the stigmatisation of female libido.

Mahila garments are designed with women’s bodies at the forefront, focused on finding the middle ground between comfort and contour that enhances the female form. It is their belief that the mind and body are intrinsically linked, and this motivates them to create clean garments that do not harm the sensitive and intimate areas of a woman’s body, as well as the planet. Each piece is end to end designed, sourced and made in London, with the production unit being in East London.

Mahila was born out of a friendship and sisterhood more than 3 years ago, finding that there was a lack of representation of South Asian women in the western fashion space. Mahila’s aim is to contribute to the empowerment of women, focusing on making garments that make women feel confident, agile and sexy, while not exacerbating environmental and ethical issues. The lounge and activewear garments are multifunctional, made at a high quality with durable fabrics for the on-the-go woman, she can wear it at home, to the gym, as a beach coverup, and dress it up for the club.

Underwear is the base layer of every outfit, it feels intimate and truly for the self, and it deserves as much attention and concern as a coat. Visually and aesthetically there are many references to modern Arab and Desi culture, often drawing from 90s and 2000s Bollywood, but still maintaining an editorial feel, this is due to the founders’ ethnic origin and community.

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Creative Directors: Jasmine G Muller, Isabella G Muller
Photography: Dani KM  
Hair: Jada McClaren  
Makeup: Mariia Usanova
Models: Jess Bagshaw, Zaahirah Wilde, Nazanin