In the Booth with DJ Meetch

Today, the talented Producer and DJ Meetch is joining us to discuss the highlights of his career so far. As we take a look at some of his early career milestones, journeying through his experiences, we gain an enlightening glimpse into his artistic evolution and the moments he feels have impacted his career most. A talent within Electronic Music, consistently innovative in his approach, Meetch continues to gain attention, and with such a committed work ethic, he no doubt remains unstoppable as he carries carving his musical journey. 

Hi Meetch, it’s great to chat! How have you been?

I have been great! Excited to chat as well.

What was the inspiration behind your decision to pursue a path in music?

Well, I grew up playing the drums. Then I had my first experience in 2011 with EDM at a Lotus concert in NYC where there was a DJ who opened up. His name was NiTGritT and sadly I haven’t heard of him or seen him ever since around that time. He was a Dubstep DJ/producer and the experience I had at that concert changed my life forever. That is what led me to my dance music endeavours – I was only 16 too.

What were some of your early career milestones that helped you gain recognition in Electronic Music? 

Surprisingly, my first big show was actually at a music festival in Bangor Maine called Kahbang! This was in 2013 when I put out a Trap remix on Soundcloud and I was messaged to submit to this festival, and I got accepted within the next few days. It all happened so quickly, and I ended up playing 3 times in a single music festival. Lots of huge names were on the lineup. It was amazing – 12th Planet, Paper Diamond, Break Science, Lights, Earl Sweatshirt, Hopsin and so many more. That really started everything for me, and I knew I couldn’t give up on making this a reality if, within the first 2 years of my start in the dance music realm, I got a big festival booking. Sadly, that was the last year that festival happened, so I haven’t continued on at that festival for the following years.

How do you feel your music has evolved and changed over the years, and what influences have shaped your sound now? 

Well, I started making Dubstep, then I gradually went to Trap and then into House and realized that’s where I wanted to stay. Then I noticed as the years went on, the style of House Music changed as the years went on. It started when Electro House was super popular –  Zedd, Porter Robinson, MordFustang, and others. Then Big Room House took over for the next few years. And now, Tech-House and Bass-House have been really popping off and to be honest it’s my favorite out of the bunch. So, I really try to focus on adding my own flare to my style of music. 

Which collaborations or performances have been particularly significant to your music career?

There have been many performances that I remember out of my years of performing on the East Coast, but the few that stick out are the boat parties I did in NYC and also a specific venue called Amazura Music Hall which was also in NYC. I always managed to get booked at this specific venue and the stage was massive. It always felt so next-level there. But currently, I have been attacking more and more venues here in Los Angeles, so I have paved the way for a whole lot of new big memories and moments.

What are some of your favorite tracks you have released thus far?

Well, I have made a TON of music over the years. But when I started to take producing to a more serious level in the last few years, I have been releasing more serious releases. Out of the last few, ‘Androids’, is the best one for me. It totally fits my robot brand and is a great way for me to introduce a DJ set. But not to worry, I have a ton of music ready to release this year and already 4 that are set to go. Still confirming dates but there will be a steady release schedule coming up! 

What do you feel sets you apart from other artists in Electronic Music?

I always experiment with genres when I play live. I know that every time I perform, there is something different about me that sets me aside. I do crazy tempo changes, Hip Hop throwbacks, Trap drops and many more. I am able to use all my favorite genres within a DJ set, blending so perfectly whilst not straying too far away from my Bass House standard. I use singalongs and crazy mashups that I might use during a wedding, live in a warehouse or nightclub and it always has a good reaction. I want to play something that people will remember. And I do that every single time. I love to see the Instagram tags or go out into the crowd after my set and dance with everyone. People come up to me after every show and tell me about a specific part of the DJ set that blew them away. It almost always is when I do a throwback/mashup.

Can you share some memorable moments or highlights from your live performances or tours?

This ties back into the previous answer, but it really has to do with the mashups I play. When I played at Avalon Nightclub in Hollywood this last Halloween. I created an INSANE mashup build with the vocals from The Purge Movie and a huge Bass House drop with a song called ‘MindF*ck’ by SWACQ and it was so legendary. I have the whole movie for it, but you can definitely see the moment I am mentioning on my Instagram. It was a huge moment to remember! 

How do you feel your music has impacted your fans and the wider music community?

There are some people who have been watching me since I started, and I think that leaves a good feeling within me – I like to sit and think about that. For example, I just posted a big trailer for a boat party I’m throwing in Los Angeles in July, and I had someone comment about how they remember doing the DJ battle with me over 10 years ago and that the progression that they’ve watched me do over the years has been crazy. This really makes me feel crazy. That people are recognizing the hustle and the years and years I’ve put behind my craft. It really makes me want to push harder and go even bigger.

What future projects or endeavours can we look forward to from Meetch?

Mainly, it’s the releases I have upcoming. While I don’t want to give any gigantic hints, I have a straight stream of tunes that will be coming out over the next 6 months and these tracks/releases are going to be what launches me into the next level of DJing/performing. I believe I will finally be attracting a booking agent by the end of the year and that has been my number one goal since I started. I know that everything is coming forward now and paying itself back!

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