Paloma Faith Live At Eventim Apollo

Last week, Hammersmith’s Eventim Apollo was electrified by the presence of Paloma Faith, who took the stage to promote her latest album, ‘The Glorification of Sadness’. The venue was packed to the rafters, with fans eagerly anticipating an evening of soul-stirring music and raw emotion. 

From the moment Paloma stepped onto the stage, it was clear that the night was going to be special. Opening with the hauntingly beautiful track “How to Leave a Man”, she set the tone for an evening that would explore the depths of human emotions surrounding, love and loss. The song, a poignant reflection on her recent divorce, resonated deeply with the audience. Her voice, rich with a blend of sorrow and resilience, filled the hall, drawing her fans even further into her world.

The setlist was a masterful journey through her new album, interspersed with some of her classic hits. Songs like “Only Love Can Hurt Like This” and “Picking Up the Pieces” showcased her ability to transform personal pain into universal anthems. The lyrics, often dark and introspective, were delivered with such passion and authenticity that it felt like she was singing directly to each one of us.

Paloma’s rapport with the audience was another highlight of the evening. Between songs, she shared candid moments of her experiences over the past year, including her struggles and triumphs post-divorce. Her honesty and vulnerability endeared her even more to the crowd, who responded with overwhelming support and admiration. 

Her gig was more than just a concert; it was an emotional odyssey that left a lasting impression on everyone present. Her ability to convey such profound sadness and yet leave her audience feeling uplifted is a testament to her artistry. ‘The Glorification of Sadness’ may be an album born out of personal heartbreak, but in Paloma’s hands, it becomes a shared experience of healing and hope. 

The evening was a reminder of why Paloma Faith is one of the most compelling artists of our time. 

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Photographer: Elliott Morgan

Words: Persephone Quarme