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Regard garnered global attention with his initial release ‘RIDE IT’ and ever since, the track has amassed an incredible 600 million combined streams on Spotify. With figures like this, there’s no surprise that the Kosovan DJ had something else cooking and was going to return with yet another banger.

The talent behind those summer tunes that you find yourself playing on repeat in your head came back with his most recent release ‘Secrets’, which features the flawless vocals of RAYE, and a club-focused bassline to get the world grooving. It’s no surprise that they’ve got the country on its dancing feet (even if it is from the comfort of the living room for now!)

Your debut single “Ride it” was a rework of Jay Sean’s track – what was the influence behind choosing this song to work with and remix?

My debut single “RIDE IT”, was a spontaneous remake. While I was in Croatia for a tour, after I finished the day performance, coming back to my apartment I heard it on the radio, I liked the lyrics and I wanted to make a beat for it. And that night I worked all night long to finish it and it became mega hit.

Your track “Secrets” was received incredibly well, what was the best part about working with RAYE?

The first time I met RAYE was in London on Jingle Bell Ball festival. I saw her and we talked about music, we exchanged ideas about a collaboration, and it happened. And yes, I enjoyed working with RAYE because she was a smart and talented person.

Growing up, who were your musical influences?

Growing up I used to watch Tomorrowland and I was waiting all night long for these guys to perform. All this time I was telling myself that one day I’ll be on that stage. I had influences like Tiesto, Hardwell, Avicii even though my style is a bit different from theirs.

What would you say is the most difficult or time-consuming part about music production? 

Sometimes you’re not in the mood and you keep trying to do a beat or a drop, but you’re not satisfied. But some nights and days are so productive and maybe you can finish the music over that night or that day. So, I wouldn’t say that every part of it is easy, but I love doing it.

Have you got a process to creating music or do you have sudden moments of inspiration that spark the creation of a new track?

Not every track is the same, some need a process be created and some are a spontaneous work.

You have collaborated with the likes of Stormzy, RAYE, David Guetta and more – who do you see yourself working with, or would hope to work with in the future?

Yes, I had collaborations and of course I am going to collaborate again with some big names so the future may bring new adventures, new projects. I’m working on something new, but I want it to be a surprise for my fans.

What advice would you give to your following in regard to getting through the difficult time we’re in now?

To my fans I would say to never give up. Keep chasing dreams. Be positive, best things are yet to come. In this situation I hope everyone is safe and sound.

Now for something slightly off topic – do you have any other hidden talents or “party tricks” that very few people would know about?

I like football a lot, and I’m a good player too so that’s my hidden talent

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? Is there a specific goal you’d liked to have achieved by then?

I am working hard for the moment and I have so many creative ideas and projects that I want to show the world. Of course, I can’t predict the future, but I see a bright future coming up.

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Words: Kajal Patel