Ryan Wright Enters Her ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ in Relatable New Single 

Hailing from Virginia, singer, songwriter and producer Ryan Wright never fails to give her fans exactly what they want. Her relatable anthems touch on the shared experiences and struggles that we all face throughout our lives, with her honesty and candidness delivering a refreshing sense of authenticity. Her latest release ‘Quarter Life Crisis‘ does not fall short, as she explores themes of aging and navigating life hurdles with a compelling mix of vulnerability and strength.

‘Quarter Life Crisis’ narrates the turbulent time of your life when you’re coming to terms with the fact that you’re a fully fledged, self-functioning adult trying to live independently. With the fast-paced lifestyles we’re all used to, sometimes we don’t even stop to take note of the passage of time that has passed and when we suddenly look back and reminisce on the carefree memories of our teenage years, it can be a shocking realisation of just how far we have come. 

Wright confides, “Quarter Life Crisis is the very essence of what it feels like to be in your early 20s to mid thirties. Although the age gap is vast, the feelings are mutual because in reality it’s not easy to become an independent adult. The song nurtures the very real feelings of the fear of becoming an adult and falling further and further away from youth. The song has a bit of longing that still clings to the urge to act young and dumb like you did as a teenager, but you’re stuck in your twenties feeling like your life is maturing way faster than you are. Quarter Life Crisis is the anthem for the trials and tribulations of aging.”

Sonically, ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ packs a feisty punch, as the gritty guitars mimic the angsty emotions behind the lyrics. Taking inspiration from the grungey production of the 90’s, the track exudes an intoxicating energy through upbeat, driving percussion and catchy lyrics that will have you chanting along. 

‘Quarter Life Crisis’ is off of her upcoming EP due this summer, where we can expect to hear more relatable anthems for people traversing their 20’s and 30’s.

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Words: Alexander Williams