SABINA Radiates Empowerment on ‘Somebody Else’ 

Pop ballad sensation SABINA has released her latest track, ‘Somebody Else,’ an empowering anthem exploring self-belief and inner strength. Based in New York City, SABINA has been releasing pop and soul-infused singles since her 2009 debut. She gained fame in Russia with ‘Dagestan,’ which became a national anthem and a walkout song for UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. SABINA recalls, “Hearing my love letter to my homeland played in big arenas has been unbelievable.”

The song opens with a tender piano melody, seamlessly transitioning into a vibrant blend of pop and R&B elements. Punchy drum lines and a resonant bass complement SABINA’s striking harmonies and captivating vocals.

This single marks SABINA’s first collaboration with producer Timur Magomedov, founder of Caspian Records. Reflecting on the song’s creation, SABINA shares that she started writing ‘Somebody Else’ a few years ago, reflecting a moment in her life when she realised she had been driven by fear, not love, and this realisation forced her to change and grow stronger.

Influenced by artists like Elton John, Adele, and Sting, SABINA’s music combines powerful vocals with honest lyricism, resonating deeply with listeners worldwide. ‘Somebody Else’ continues her journey of inspiring and empowering through music.

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