Artemas: ‘yustyna’ Season

London-based star Artemas reaffirms his status as the voice of the night and its mischievous endeavors. Following up on the previous project, ‘pretty,’ Artemas presents ‘yustyna,’ picking up right where he left off. ‘yustyna’ progresses into more intense soundscapes, instrumentation, and a rigorously cohesive and honest attitude.

The 14-track mixtape shares Artemas’ heightened confessional nightcall with predominantly seductive notions hypnotising you into a wet dream spell. Potentially perceived as too vulgar, ‘yustyna’ and the rest of Artemas’ discography are the unfiltered reflection of our otherwise gagged desires and nocturnal inner thought processes.

The RIAA-platinum certified breakout single, ‘i like the way you kiss me’ fires up the new ‘yustyna’ season. The darkwave singer/songwriter and producer took over the world with his sultry themes and absolutely magnetic beats, pulsating straight to one’s core.

Throughout the new mixtape, Artemas builds on his provocative anecdotes but also taps into more tender and romantic remarks such as ‘slow dance,’ ‘you’re simply wonderful,’ and ‘my baby doll.’ For these softer themes, he opted for vigorous instrumentation with heavy drums and guitar riffs, creating an illusive juxtaposition.

‘yustyna’ is an excellent and poignant extension of the chokehold his hit singles ‘if you think i’m pretty’ and ‘cross my heart’ had on all of us listening. Appreciating the coherent storytelling, the standout tracks are ‘caroline,’ ‘wet dreams,’ and the sexiest of all, ‘good girl.’

Artemas is the new generation’s night whisperer, following in the footsteps of The Weekend, The Neighbourhood, and Kavinsky. ‘yustyna’ is arousing and a pristine body of work reaching orgasmic heights. For those craving the Artemas effect in real life, don’t miss out and check out the 35 dates for his global headline tour.

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Words: Karolina Kramplova