Serena Ittoo Explores Intimate Connections in New Single ‘Another World’

British singer/songwriter Serena Ittoo takes you to ‘Another World‘ in her latest single. The introspective single touches on the feeling of wanting to unzip your love interest and simply step inside their skin, in order to truly witness how they see the world and understand how their brain works. Without sounding creepy, or overly intense, ‘Another World’ is about yearning for a deeper sense of connection, rather than just a surface level romance. 

Serena shares, “The song’s lyrically structured in a way to highlight the person’s intention being much more sentimental than what you may think on initial first listen. It’s about meeting someone who you believe is amazing in every way and now wanting to really get to see the world through their lenses so that you can understand and be everything they deserve. The aim is not to be this person’s ‘dream partner’ but to instead embrace the vulnerability in wanting to learn, understand and accept their flaws highlighting that this is not a “make believe” connection.” 

The inquisitive songwriter is fuelled with passion and dedication as she sings, “I wanna feel you breathe, I wanna take time to see, I want to need in all your worth, I wanna be what’s me, In your eyes you’d see, I would waste tomorrow to fly away, into another world”. 

The dreamy track twinkles with celestial synths, upbeat percussion and sweeping vocals, delivering a hypnotic release. ‘Another World’ sees Serena taking things up a notch, as she demonstrates her ability to craft captivating, storytelling lyrics and deliver them with a mesmerising vocal prowess and infectious musicality. We can’t wait to hear what’s next from Serena Ittoo.

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Words: Alexander Williams
Photo: Marcus Maschwitz