Banquet of Hoshena

Banquet of Hoshena

Dinner Time stories has returned with their latest immersive projector-led dining experience, and this time it’s bigger and better…

It’s rather rare to find yourself sitting at dinner with some of your childhood fairy tale fantasies coming true; a talking mirror and a talking plate, food sparking flames, fairies dancing on the tables, and lets not forget the table itself coming to life with an electrical pulse. If someone told my younger self that one day I would experience all these magical moments, I simply wouldn’t have believed them, but last Wednesday, this all changed. 

Set in a hidden away store in the busy lands of Westfields, Shepherds Bush lies Banquet of Hoshena. This incredible dining concept offers it’s guests a mix of a show and a meal all in one. When arriving to sit down for dinner, I was told not to touch anything on the table, as it soon comes to light that everything is a prop from cutlery to table cloth. Using a a specially curated soundtrack, and 3D technology this two hour experience I was guided through the unfolding tales of the mystical lands of Hoshena. 

Throughout the duration of my dining, I was greeted with five courses each complemented with a bespoke cocktail or wine. Every flavour of food, and drink is accompanied carefully with the emotions of the story being told. I cannot fault how visually amazing this concept is, the story and the food can’t quite catch up as the projections blow this experience out of the flames! If colour-changing drinks, tamarind flavoured macaroons presented in a little surprise box paired with a visually trippy projection, or a delicious moist chicken burger presented on a plate of flames doesn’t at least tickle your fancy then I don’t know what will. 

Fly down to Banquet of Hoshena and allow your eyes to feast upon the spread laid out in-front of you in the most spectacular visual show, bask in the flames, and embrace the pulses of the electrical table.

Words: Persephone Quarme