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Launched in September 2011, Noctis Magazine holds the determination to provide artists from all walks of life with the platform to create something special away from the conventions of mainstream media. With a unique visual library of photography, fashion, art, music and culture, Noctis epitomises the idea of youth and conveys the desire to be a tribute to creative freedom.

Endless possibilities

The imagination of Leoni-Blue and Erin Davies creates the air in which Noctis is allowed to breathe; together they take on the roles of editor-in-chief/music editor to watch their vision walk further than the streets of East London.

“When I look across our magazine, it really pleases me. It shows that with hard work you can achieve something wonderful” - Leoni-Blue

Wild dreams

The wild dream of Noctis is to enrich today’s generation and show that even the smallest insect can walk amongst man. Nothing is irrelevant and whilst imagination runs deep within our roots, every day we strive on the creativity of others.

Since the beginning we have realised the potential of the smallest dream and have been given a new lease of life.



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By - Lisa Levi
By - Faye Heran
By- Frederica Watson
By Jack Reed
By - Faye Heran
By- Frederica Watson
By - Jack Reed

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