In Conversation with Renowned Fashion Photographer Dylan Perlot

From an early age, Dylan Perlot was inspired by all the arts surrounding him. Fashion photography quickly became second nature and brought him into the selective circle of renowned international fashion photographers.

Dylan Perlot has been published in countless publications over his career, including our very own. In recent years, he shot covers for Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Grazia, L’Officiel, Glamour and Nylon France just to name a few. As a matter of fact, we also recall his stunning work for Vogue Ukraine in 2021 where Perlot showcases his extraordinary ability to work with all the elements of nature. His use of natural light in an almost apocalyptic looking ocean scenery made us speechless. The way he plays off the harshness of the weather in a soft elegant way, like we rarely see, puts a great emphasize on the clothes, and that’s what makes him a fashion photographer in the top of his field.

Moreover, Perlot’s immaculate aesthetic received the likes of some of the greatest talents: from fashion icon Daphne Guinness or actress Rose McGowan, he also photographs very talented musicians. In June of 2021, commissioned by American magazine Bello Mag to shoot their summer cover, Perlot creates an impactful editorial with the one and only singer/songwriter Julia Michaels. Brilliantly, the elements of nature are also part of this strong photoshoot. This time, Perlot incorporated fire behind the talent making the images one of a kind. 

In the end, Dylan Perlot is a visual storyteller so it comes with no surprise to know the photographer he looks up to the most is Steven Klein. Just like him, Perlot manages to transport us and convey a strong message in each of his photographs. “United” a photo series Perlot created in New York City showcases inclusivity and love in a striking way. Without a doubt, the images affected people immediately and it was exhibited at the Panoràmic Festival in Spain in 2020 making the impact it deserved.

Dylan Perlot’s work has made a distinct mark in the arts and it seems like nothing will stop his creative process from achieving even more. We are thrilled to have him as a collaborator of Noctis Magazine! Read on for an interview with the artist as we dive into his career highlights, creative motivations, and advice for aspiring photographers.

Who was the first photographer you can remember whose work you fell in love with? 

Steven Klein without hesitation! His work speaks to you right away and his storytelling through his fashion photography made me fall in love with the process of creating art. 

Did you study photography in school, or are you self-taught? 

I went to film school originally but both are very similar so everything I learnt about: composing an image, telling a story or directing someone I can apply it to photoshoots!  

What made you decide to pursue photography as a career? 

The love of endless visual possibilities. You can literally create anything your mind desires. I was always drown to fashion photographs growing up and I didn’t quite understand why for a bit but when I found photography as a medium to create, it all clicked in my head and made perfect sense. 

What has been a highlight of your career so far? 

I love shooting the covers of the magazines I was looking at as a kid on the kiosk stand, it’s a full circle moment and that feeling is priceless. 

Do you often work with creative directors or do you prefer to do this yourself? 

I feel like it’s always been apart of me as an artist to want to execute a certain idea the way I visualize it in my head but that being said, I love collaborating with others. Mixing ideas on set with fellow creatives is a great way to get new perspectives in order to have a successful photoshoot. 

Could you briefly talk us through your process of creating a moodboard for an editorial? How do you find your inspiration? 

I usually like to take inspirations in things that were familiar to me when I was young like I would do for a 2000s inspired shoot for example. I watch a lot of movies, fashion shows and look at a lot of magazines from old to new too. Basically, I would start a mood board with 1 element that inspires me such as a location or a certain lighting or the talent itself (if the model is a musician or actor) and then build a cohesive world around it by gathering lots of visual references. It usually flows pretty naturally once I organize all my thoughts. 

Who would be your dream actor, model, or musician to photograph? 

Dream actor would be Milla Jovovich and dream musician would be Lady Gaga!

What advice would you give to an aspiring fashion photographer wanting to enter the industry?

 To never stop shooting, make moodboards, collaborate with other creatives and your portfolio will keep improving. Most importantly, don’t be afraid and let your imagination speak through your photography – that’s all that matters. 

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