Meet Spoken Word Artist AJ Soni

What are your biggest inspirations?

My biggest inspiration is to create more spoken word and story telling videos similar to Black Eyed Peas – Where Is The Love. My biggest inspiration is to tour around the world.

How did you get started?

Having going through a breakdown in my Primary School, severe bullying in High School, a Neurodivergent delay, I learn that I was Autistic. I started my first performance in Brixton – Mind over Matter, after that my spoken word and poetry was the key factor in my life, being the main fuel to keep me going.

What inspires you spoken word poems?

The words, my pain, suffering, writing inspires me to spoken word and poetry. I used to listen to Tinie Tempa, Shocka, Wretch32, will I am, Stormzy, Hussain Manawer all the time that draw. I remember in 2012 I watched written under the stars by Tinie Tempa that motivated and I use to listen that song on my own at college while I use to get bullied all the time.

Could you describe your working style?

My working style is to mediate, constant rate, manifest, use the power of your voice and past, present and future for spoken word and poetry. Autism is a power for the world.

You speak about mental health in your work, what struggles have you overcome?

I have overcome depression, PTSD for more than 15 years and I got diagnosed with autism in 2015. I get frustrated, upset still how the world is. I overcome fear, anxiety and I accept any obstacles comes in my life. One of the challenges I faced when I never or don’t have any friends. Being on your own is the best thing and relying on god and higher force of energy.

You say your vision is to change the world, how do you want to achieve this goal?

I want to release more spoken word singles, I want release more story telling videos and I want to collaborate with the likes of one young world, United Nations and mind by speaking and sharing my rap, spoken word to help others so more voices can be hared. I also want to collaborate with fashion brands about fashion and mental health

What drew you to spoken word as your creative path?

What draws me to spoken word and poetry is thoughts, visions, journaling and how we can help others through poetry and spoken word.

Who has been the best person / place to show your work to, and share your message?

My biggest connection to speak my poems when I shared my poem on stage to Craig David on a panel with Elizabeth day. A lot of supported me and it’s a memory I will cherish all the time. It went viral and my spoken word and poetry is on the podcast as well.

What would you change about the world, if you could?

I will make sure their is a new law in place in the world that every single being who’s been suffering/ neurodiversity should be accepted in every work placement without no judgemental. I would like to change the world for those who are suffering the most never gets hared specially in the music industry, fashion industry and I will ensure my voice and other voices gets hared specially those who are suffered.

In a few words, tell us what is the main message behind your work?

The message I am trying to spread is for autism awareness through my rap, my spoken word and poetry as I don’t think theirs many autistic rappers apart from Skepta in London. I am trying to spread the message through my pain. People should not judge each other on social media but should help each other without any judgemental at the end of the we are all suffering and their should be no ego.

I am inspired by Skepta, Stormzy, Santan Dave, Shocka, Penny J, Mahalia, Will I am, Hussain Manawer, Wizkid, Wretch32, Paloma faith, lostgirl, ludarids, Bigzu, Aj Tracey and Kanye west.

When I was through my lowest it was shocka, Wretch32 asked how I was doing when I was going through my suffering and many others, Becky fatemi, jada p, lostgirl, Deborah, Kai Isaiah Jamal , Olivia Taylar, from the industry has guided me and helped me in many ways.

My mission is to use my voice to collaborate with brands. I am born for a purpose to make a change.

I also want to say big thank to the fellow monks that have blessed me – Sadhguru and Radhanath Swami.

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