The Iconic Takeover

In the ever-changing landscape of our planet currently, you may be feeling that you are adrift on an open sea, unsure whether you are sinking or floating.

What drives your passion for thinking outside the box to dig deeper and to find more than you could ever envisage?

Hidden within the pages of glossy magazines, adorning the walls of art galleries and cultural stylings, you’ll find the semblance of THE ICONIC wrapped in gossamer strands to take you into new worlds.

Photo: Kamaji Ogino

What is the Art of Being Iconic?

You can be iconic, and stand out from the crowd if you are successful, influential or usher in some significant cultural change or moment that could see you being idolised for your talents of actions. 

Be yourself, who sets the rules anyway.

Create the change for yourself and others be a work of art, paint a new vision of your future by whatever means resonates with you, and grab other people’s attention. 

Like a stone being thrown into the massive pond of life, you can cause a ripple that creates a wave of change far beyond what you could ever perceive.

When Fashion is Your Passion

If fashion is your passion, how would life feel if you got rid of those boring dress codes and switched it up to fit another world or lifestyle?

Break the trend, let your passion and interests become your fashion, live beyond the regular joe’s barriers, and let your words speak yourself.

You could change your life entirely by dressing from past times, like Zack MacLeod Pinsent a 26-year-old from Hove/Brighton a master tailor of Regency Fashion. He dresses as a Regency gentleman every day, and he has made his passion his undeniable fashion, which has garnered him a global following for his Regency and Period Tailoring. Zack made the switch at the age of 14 when he ceremonially burnt his last pair of jeans, and from that day on he has never looked back. To learn more about Zack Pinsent, click here.

Fashion is a useful tool to show cultural diversity and demonstrate stories from the present and past. You can make fashion an individual story through how you link it to your passions and lifestyle, and the choice is yours alone. 

Colours, textures and the materials you use to speak and express who you are as a person tell their own story. You can evolve through design your ideals, concepts, to the creations of future worlds. You can gain the knowledge and skills you seek to develop and change learning and growth pathways.

How Does Art Depict the Changing Culture?

Art can create a massive impact and influence society by changing mindsets and opinions. It can instil values and translate human interconnection experiences across time and space-filling a timeless void of indifference.

It communicates to use visually and acts on our senses to bridge gaps in cultural differences. It closes the gaps in language, allowing different cultures and times to speak from the heart via images, sounds, media, and storytelling – making art the vehicle of social change.

There is an element of art woven into the core of its existence in every walk of life. From the dawn of time, worlds have been built, evolved and created by the threads of art and creativity.

The world is now once again changing, and you have the chance to be part of the creative evolution of humankind. What will you bring forth, and how will you make a difference to help others?

Photo: Kamaji Ogino

Let the Music Speak to You

In the silence and stillness of each breath, you can find solace. Hope can be brought into the light through the subtleties of sound and music. 

Music is a gamechanger, and it can speak to you on many levels and soothe your senses. 

Sounds and music diversify and cross multiple barriers from culture, ethnicity and time. Transporting you to different levels of existence and spaces of time. You can alter every aspect of your life by merely incorporating music or sounds into your day.

Students are taught Iconic representation in music schools and education, linking images and sounds, transferring these to melody, context, and rhythm. To learn more click the link here.

Sound, music, fashion, and media, cross barriers to building bridges that meet you on all levels of emotion, connecting your heart and mind. You can travel to any period in time through music, and you could be imagining being in Tudor times then zip right through to music by Blind Melons.

Whatever your favourite tune, you can explore this medium and find new ways to learn and grow as a person and an evolving Millennial.

Living Beyond Boundaries

Age is not a barrier to living your wildest dreams and achieving your long-cherished goals in life.

Here are a few essential tips to follow and steps to evolve:

  • Focus on your dreams, your talents and be true to you and your values.
  • Acknowledge your pain, whether it relates to love, emotions or unexpressed dreams. Ditch the baggage, and express the real you.
  • Find someone who gets you on every level. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Feel with your heart, not your head. Life is too short to be unhappy!
  • Do a bit of gardening and weed in your social circles, dig out anyone who zaps your energy, or is not worth investing your time and energy in.
  • You can choose your decisions, so choose wisely to determine your destiny and help you elevate your success.

Life is a fantastic adventure, but you have to learn by riding the rapids and navigating the terrain. Being an influencer of change and becoming an iconic person is possible, but it is unnecessary to live your potential.

You can simply change your mindset, learn to meditate and hit the pause button occasionally. Sometimes it is beneficial to step out of the fast lane and take time to breathe, rest, recharge and reconnect with nature.

It’s not all parties, protests and shouting out – you’ll need to learn the art of silence too.

The world needs Millenials and the Z Generation, to keep the collective motoring forward and to build change on a global stage. You can be heard above the noise of the masses. 

Be the change that you seek, lead the way forward for the world and future generations to come. 

Remember ‘Rome was not built in a day’, take time and love yourself.

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