1×1 Studio | SS21

“Due to lockdown, we have had the chance to spend more time  with our beloved family or a partner. Before lockdown I was committed to work, never really having much time for the people that I love. But because of this tough situation (particularly seeing the news about  people losing their loved ones to COVID-19) It has really made me reflect how important it is to treasure our lovers, families and friends, our Mother Nature, our earth. That’s why I come up with the idea of  “commitment”, commitment to love, to respect and to taking  responsibility for the people that we love and for our environment…”  said Yi Ling Kuo, Founder and Creative Director of 1×1 Studio, after the show.  

Creating a collection is not easy, it’s even harder when you have to create and produce a new brand new eco-friendly, sustainable collection during lockdown, with only a few people to help. However, British menswear brand 1×1 Studio still were able to showcase their  Spring/Summer 2021 digital runway collection titled “commitment”  in The Hill Garden and Pergola, a wonderful location in Hampstead  Heath, with powerful inspiration, relaxed, minimal silhouette and  intricate knitted details and knitwear.  

The Spring/Summer 2021 collection is a continuation and committed  journey of creative, eco-friendly, sustainable fashion, futuristic fabrics  with a zero waste policy. A dash of fantasy mixed in daily life,  sustainable to the core. The collection is 100% hand-made knitwear, some featuring digital crystal patterns. Highlights of the collection  include a translucent handcrafted jumper, handcrafted knitted vest, 3D  translucent knitted trousers and shirts, suit vest and reutilised paper  trimming details. The philosophy of the brand is to embody in the  wearers a sense of uniqueness while being kind to our planet. 70% of the materials are made from reused resources such as recycled bottles and eco cotton, all the pieces are designed and made in the UK.  

The runway starts with a sleeveless knitted tank top, see-through knitted trousers styled with home vibe slippers, to bring out the relaxed, easy and no boundary themes, it really sets the tone of the  whole collection. Then well known street style influencer and creative director Abdel Queta Tavares (known as The Man Behind The Red Hat) in a relaxed sleeveless red jacket, white tank top and shorts styled  with his signature red hats, and a black checker like scarf, see-through socks and chunky soled faux leather shoes, very eye catching and  memorable.  

The runway finished with a wedding scene, which beautifully  showcase the collection title “Commitment”.  

The stylist was Chi Lung Chan (known as adamfromfashion) who  built upon the relaxed vibe of the collection, playing with London  street style and preppy elements. He also said, “I tried to reflect  elements of resort/cruise a pre-season that has largely passed the  fashion world by but also something most people have had to miss out  on. My styling reflects the themes we have talked about but at the  same time your readers could go the fashion event with the same  looks: tank top with button down shirt or jacket, flowing/gone with the  wind accessories, including fabric belts, chiffon scarf, lightweight  knitted hat scarf. Vacation vibe slippers, hemp robe sandals, chunky  sole shoes and heels. Casual, relaxed and not too serious.”  

In short, the commitment to sustainability runs throughout the  collection along with both playful and poignant reminders of what we  might have lost and what we still have. The collection is very cohesive, from garments to hair, make up and styling are consistently  minimal, easy, casual and relaxed. Finally one essential element of  sustainability, for which certain other brands should take note, is the  garments are instantly wearable and versatile. The perfect antidote to fast fashion.

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Words: Adam Chi Lung Chan

Photography: Haydon Perrior