Aynié and La Rando | LFW AW22

Designers La Rando and Aynié come together this season for a collective presentation at London Fashion Week. In the showcase, both brands are rooted and influenced by the tumultuous city of Buenos Aires. 

They seize its beauty and hecticness in a sophisticated and genuine way.  

La Rando is influenced by the world of industrial design, by creating encounters and garments that last over time. The label forges interactions, lingering in spaces in order to inhabit objects, loving them for longer. The proposal is to treasure items of desire, creating ties that bind us together in a profound way. 

Aynié has the appetite to restore traditional crafts related to handmade work drives it. The labels fundamental expertise is weaving and leatherworking, which is seen throughout this latest collection. Aynié also is constantly rediscovering and redefining ancestral techniques and creating lasting, responsible manufacturing, similar to La Rando. Aynié seeks to redefine the family heritage by creating functional and elegant accessories for everyday life.

Held on Friday evening at 49 Belgrave Street the event was hosted in two elegant rooms, including distorted mirrors heightening the aesthetic atmosphere of the combined collections. Both brands condense traditions that are continually tied to local culture by using noble and durable materials derived mostly from Argentinian regions. The projects overlap and share their superior tailoring abilities, hereditary expertise, and autochthonous patrimonial vision.

The garments are placed on heightened tables, under spotlights, showcasing detail to the maximum. Colourways include black leather, dark greys, blues, alongside shining whites. Revisiting and rewriting ways of making, Aynie and La Rando are bounded by desire. 

The blended technique of each designer merged perfected together as they held an elegant evening mimicking the style and structural nature of the collection.

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Words: Izabel Rose
Photography: Darcey Axon