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Emerging artist Maxi Millz recently shot his video for his new single ‘Keys To The City’ – a smooth RnB tune and second song from his forthcoming debut EP ‘Captions’.

As a long-time fan of Clarks, he was profiled to be a part of Clarks Original Creates; a series that champions unique, underground talent and shines a spotlight on new artists because The World Needs Originals.

On the set of the music video, Maxi wore his favourite styles from the new Wallabee range (which you can shop for here) and gave the low down on everything; from staying inspired throughout 2020, his musical journey so far, and to the childhood idol that sparked his love for Clarks.

How do you keep inspired in the 2020 climate when negativity and bad news is what dominates the media landscape?

I stay informed but try not to lose myself in all the madness. It’s good to be aware but spending too time much time looking at things out of your control is bad for your health, it’s all about protecting your energy, I know it sounds like blah blah, but it’s true. Revisiting old music that I grew up on and listening to genres that I haven’t bothered exploring before keeps me inspired and distracted. 

What has helped you become the artist you are today?

I was blessed growing up in a music loving family. My mum and dad listened to Motown, Blues, Soul, Highlife (Ghanaian music), Hip Hop. I sang along Smokey Robinson, Aretha Franklin, Stevie, MJ , Prince, Ella Fitzgerald but there was never any pressure to pursue it as a career, that made it my favourite thing. Then when I got older and life presented issues, the way it does for everyone I found writing my shit down the way my idols did helped me stay sane. 

Why is culture so important to preserving, nurturing and honouring in your music?

Because people that don’t care about their own culture, or other peoples. People that don’t pay homage in any way to the ones that came before them. In my experience what I’ve been seeing is always weird and out of touch. I never want to be like that. It’s makes me happy knowing I’m keeping something going, even if it is in my own way. 

What can we expect to come from your music this year?

Well this year I think I’m releasing one more single, and then my EP should be early next year (if there weren’t  processes I’d release all my stuff yesterday). All the stuff coming out is me finding my feet/sound, learning how to produce better, and improve my pen, but I wanted people to hear it still because listening to someone grow is part of a music journey. And I’ve made some bangers with people I love in London and LA  I think it’s a cool introduction to my ting, like an introduction to maxi, RnB but my version of it. 

What are your favourite Clarks Originals shoe and why?

You guys did a Wallabee collab with Wu Tang, those are so fire, I need multiple pairs!! The Wallabee is the obvious choice but I spent a lot of my childhood on the east coast, between Baltimore, New Jersey & NYC. Method Man was my idol, I met him once, he was in Wallabees and that’s the end of the story.  I also own a pair of the desert boots you did with Bape, they’re fire too but I don’t wanna take them out the box.

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Interview in collaboration with Clarks Original

Photography: Jay Kasitz