Monochrome AW23: Minimalist Aesthetic Meets Genderless Design

Emerging from the urban landscape of post-soviet Poland, Monochrome founder Anya Kamarek has crafted  a fashion label as sleek and sharp as her surroundings. Monochrome derives its name from the brand’s  commitment to a monochromatic colour palette – think shades of black, white, grey, and now a touch of  green. Beyond the colours, Monochrome’s identity is rooted in its minimalist, puristic designs tailored for a  gender-neutral clientele.  

Having grown up immersed in the worlds of fashion design and architecture, Kamarek draws her inspiration  from the interplay of art and sociology. After honing her skills at Central Saint Martins and launching her  eponymous label, she collaborated with visual artist Hektor Kowalski to establish Monochrome in 2012.  Their shared aesthetic shines through geometric silhouettes, utilitarian details, and an avant-garde yet  wearable essence.  

Monochrome challenges traditional gender norms and sizing standards. Garments are labelled as ‘asexual’ or  ‘singular’ to emphasise their adaptability. “I firmly believe that only differences in body shape define design,  not gender itself,” Kamarek explains. By eliminating bust darts and incorporating adjustable elements, the  brand caters to individual body types.  

Functionality takes centre stage through thoughtful craftsmanship and versatile designs. A bomber jacket can  transform into a backpack, while a denim jacket and skirt hybrid reveals the intricacy hidden beneath the  minimalist facade. Kamarek collaborates with visual artists to push the boundaries of fabrication, presenting  pieces as profound as the creative concepts that inspire them.  

For the Autumn Winter 2023 collection, Kamarek explores exaggerated shoulders, deconstruction, and  dimension. “I experimented with shoulder proportions, architectural silhouettes, and deconstruction while  introducing paraiba green tourmaline as an addition to the existing anthracite coal hues and silver sheen,” she  reveals.  

Kamarek draws inspiration from the brutalist architecture of her Polish upbringing, allowing the grey,  minimalist aesthetic to shape her artistic vision. Her aim is to create pieces that are timeless, wearable, and  adaptable for any gender.  

Key pieces from the new collection include an oversized anthracite coat with sculptural shoulders, reflective  silver recycled nylon styles, and gender-neutral denim skirts. By combining organic cotton and bio fabrics,  Monochrome continues to lead in sustainability through its utilitarian philosophy.  

For those eager to explore Monochrome’s Autumn Winter 2023 collection, please visit their online store at You can also experience the brand’s offerings in person at Unit 64, Chalk Farm Road,  NW1 8AH, Camden Town, London.  Additionally, Monochrome offers a made-to-measure option. For online orders and inquiries, please don’t  hesitate to contact them at You can also visit them in-store for measurements  appointment in Camden, London.
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Words: Adam Chi Lung Chan