notwoways Level Up with the new ARW ‘subsolar’

notwoways‘ latest ARW ‘subsolar’ launch follows on from a successful year for the brand, serving up a formidable line of the original model, the likes of ‘Just White’, ‘Floe’ and even the new cult classic ‘Syzygy’.

It has been over 12 months since the last ARW release and the second model is making its long awaited return – this time, even better than before. Taking notes from one of the most sought after previous colourways, ‘subsolar’, released back in 2021 and sold-out in just 12 minutes.

The new ARW ‘subsolar’ (model 2) boasts a premium knit upper made of recycled material. As the name suggests, the colourway draws direct inspiration from the lands “situated directly beneath the sun”, combining desert tones and fiery orange hits. Overlaid with unmistakably premium suede panelling; outfitted in an earthy beige and staple orange-fade accents completing the true ‘subsolar’ aesthetic.

NTW 2023 reveals the start of a new creative direction, as seen by the release build-up on their socials – taking place ‘somewhere in the near future’. A laboratory where its floors are home to a myriad of experimental projects. Created to explore the limits of human imagination and push the boundaries of what is thought to be possible. A place of secrets, hidden from the public eye, revealing new concepts one release at a time. Despite these rumours, one thing is clear: it is a space where people come together to collaborate, explore new ideas, and create something entirely new.

The latest ARW has been brewing for some time. Experimenting with the newly revised midsole shape; alongside an improved collar shape and maximising the overall comfort of the model.

Pushing the brand to new levels, ‘one-step-at-a-time’, the shoe is adorned with the SS23 graffiti logo and a unique rubberised hangtag, first seen on the ‘kaki’ colourway. Meanwhile as a final touch, the packaging consists of a texturised deboss all over the orange shoebox.
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