On|Off Presents Jack Irving’s Octo-Fabulous Collection

On|Off Presents Jack Irving was nothing short of a brilliant psychedelic trip. Techno lover and visionary that’s associated with the likes of Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton, Irving once again delivered beyond any expectations in a powerful comeback. Jack Irving celebrates his past, the present, and the Metaverse future with a surreal 15 piece collection. 

The JW Marriott Grosvenor House’s magnificent Ballroom was transformed into an electrifying spectacle of British greatness. As guests enter the Ballroom, a statuesque model draped in plum gown made from strips of fabric that elegantly fall onto the hotel’s carpet waits patiently. Lights drop, industrial techno starts, and the journey into Irving’s wonderland begins. Air begins to pump through the gown, and what was once a model has blossomed into a beautiful sea urchin that touched the chandelier and poked the audience and we are once again reminded of Irving’s brilliance. Spikes fall, and the model springs into badass action and catwalks a mesmerising metallic breast plate and violet latex. This styling can be seen throughout the show as Irving’s attention to detail underneath the beautifully organised chaos doesn’t go unnoticed. 

From start to finish, the room was filled with an energy with what felt like exclusively friends and family of Irving who were overcome with excitement for this collection; that’s his impact. You really could not anticipate what was about to turn around the corner next and it never disappointed. Every piece was as spellbinding as the last, in its own unique way. No two pieces could compare

Simply put, fashion should be fun. That’s exactly what Irving serves on a silver, rainbow holographic platter. When you get a designer such as Irving who pushes those boundaries and challenges the notion of what fashion can achieve, you don’t want to take your eyes off the catwalk for a split second in case fashion legend Kyle De’Volle’s tentacles magically grew more tentacles, somehow. During an uncertain time, the playful experience of Jack Irving AW22 is exactly what the doctor ordered. If there was anything to take away from the show, it is that despite the world falling apart, a global crisis is in fact a catalyst for innovation and imagination. The present is the time to create, and make sure to get weird with it like Irving has.

As the curtains drew back, the closing show-stopping piece took an entire room’s breath away; an NFT come to life. Irving really took us to the octo-fabulous Metaverse as silver metallic tentacles rotate around the model’s bodice. With this grand finale, Irving has coined himself an engineer amongst everything else. We have a feeling this motion-work is merely a glimpse into what he will be cooking later down the line. The closing catwalk showcased the entire collection was a tight squeeze created a sea of fantastical art. It was a pleasure Jack Irving and thank you On|Off; happy anniversary.

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Words: Melissa Santos
Photography: Zek Snaps