Rue Agthonis: The Charm of Heartstrings | LFW AW24

THE CHARM OF HEARTSTRINGS by RUE AGTHONIS was presented at the Rosenfeld Gallery in Fitzrovia. This season’s collection was curated around femininity and defying industry reduction as women carve a path toward success. Historical reference of female string players became a centerpiece to this showcase. This inspiration became a key performance element of the evening as three string players enrobed in RUE AGTHONIS joined us. 

RUE AGTHONIS is a leader in fashion dedicated to women’s empowerment through eye-catching collections. Their motto perfectly encapsulates the brands’ ethos which is, “Love, Quality, Positive Beauty”. Such collections aim to create space for delight and encourage  their wearers to be true to themselves.

Despite the ways that women are often downtrodden and overlooked, this collection highlighted a path to find fierce independence. This was on display as many of the garments feature masculine elements such as strong shoulders and straight hemlines whilst decorated with pink iridescent sequins and interwoven with glitter. 

Vibrant color palettes were highlighted but not overtaken by complementary artworks in the gallery. Dropped waists accompanied visually compelling materials with glitter as contrast. Iridescent elements were placed overtop of pink, blue, and purple tweeds, giving the illusion of multi-colored sequins. Layered materials kept otherwise limited color wheels uplifted. Whilst fully sequined tops were juxtaposed with chiffon floor-length skirts, puff sleeves complimented heavily textured materials and feathers adorned cuffs of dresses and jackets alike. 

The reverberating golden elements of this collection pay homage to shimmering violin strings which is a primary source of inspiration this LFW24 season. A pattern I’ve witnessed this week is a focus on femininity as an ever-changing experience. Playing into more assumed elements like baby pinks and glitter, we see nuanced shapes, silhouettes, and hemlines rewrite the narrative. Sequins find their home alongside modern takes on houndstooth in tandem with waterfalling feather adornments. The live string performance rounded off this collection’s theme and was a stunning end to an evening dedicated to feminine empowerment. 

The visual storyline presented by this collection details the lived experience of contemporary violinists and with great achievement, we find a foundation of untethered bravery and grit. 

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Photography: Event photography courtesy of Crescent Agency
Clothing Photography: Vincent Mercado
Words: Lauren Bulla