Taking A Leap with Makeup Artist Rachele Fialco

If you’re waiting for a sign to break a bad habit, start chasing your dreams, trust your instincts and take a risk, this is IT. It is quite normal to get stuck in a toxic routine, which is purely detrimental to one’s mental health. But that little voice you can hear once in a while, but you try to silence it with fear and anxiety, that is you, and your instinct starving to take a plunge.

Makeup artist and podcaster Rachele Fialco lives by a mantra of “nothing is impossible, and take on every challenge you are faced with.” Ever since her 20s, when she studied business and music in her home country of Nashville, with each experience, Fialco has grown into a confident, empowered individual that hopes to inspire others to take a leap and live a life that aligns with their truth.

Years later, with changes in the music industry, Fialco went through an early quarter-life crisis and made a move over to New York. She attended the Make Up For Ever Academy In Soho. During this time, Fialco met her idol and make-up mogul Charlotte Tilbury. Their brief conversation encouraged her to take a leap and do the ground work of emailing makeup artists.

Hard work paid off, and soon after, Fialco started to freelance in the fashion industry and worked on shoots for Vogue, Harper’s Bazar, and New York Fashion Week. Her passion took her all the way to Miami, where she began working for Oribe. After a while, she refused to be stuck in a routine and craved a change. With a network of fellow creatives, photographers, and models, Fialco began working for herself and gained clients such as American baseball player A-Rod.

Today, Rachele Fialco is on her next adventure, starting over in London. During our conversation, Fialco opens up about her lifestyle, including practicing jiu jitsu and wanting to start studying psychology. Away from home and the familiar, Fialco attacks new challenges headstrong and an open mind.

What was the hardest thing about making the move to London?

Leaving my friends behind, leaving the beach and readjusting to cold weather, and acclimating to city life again in a new country with different rules.

What are you loving the most about living here?

I love that there is so much to do socially and culturally. I love that it is easy to travel to Europe and love the new friends I have made here.

How does your usual daily routine look like?

I usually get up grab a coffee, do a jiujitsu class, and a workout. I have also been applying to schools and working on my new podcast.

Where do you enjoy shopping the most for makeup and skincare?

I have been getting my products from Selfridges, Boots, Liberty and Sephora mostly.

What are your favourite products at the moment?

I am really loving the ordinary’s hylouronic acid, the ren skincare vitamin C serum, and Glow recipe moisturiser. For makeup I love the Haus labs foundation, the Huda Beauty concealer, and Dibs beauty highlighter.

How did you get into makeup int he first place?

I have always loved makeup and doing hair since I was a child and think I had a natural inclination towards makeup and teaching women how to do makeup. I was always the friend who would do everyone’s makeup and whom everyone came to for makeup and hair tips.

When doing makeup for someone else, is there one part you’re enjoy the most? (Eg Lipstick, eyeshadow, eyebrows)

Skin! I love creating a glowy fresh look that enhances someone’s natural beauty but also covers any imperfections.

What can you tell us about your new podcast?

I will be having conversations with women, covering topics from jiu jitsu to beauty to mental health, and spirituality. Hoping to inspire women to purse their dreams, find their inner confidence and live a life that is in alignment with their truth.

Who would be your dream guest?

Oh I have so many! Nikki Wolfe-makeup, Emma Chen- makeup, Charlotte Tilbury, Sam & Nicola Chapman,Jenna Zoe-human design, Gezary Matuda-bjj, Fione Davies-bjj, Drew Barrymore, Gisele Bundchen, Dua Lipa.

How did you get into jiu-jitsu?

I dated someone 9 years ago whom I remained friends with who started doing Jiu Jitsu and told me I had to do it and would love it but I wasn’t interested back then and was intimidated. Then 2 years ago I had a client named Kayla in FL who did jiu jitsu and was the black belt olympic champion in another martial art called Judo who inspired me to take the leap. I tried it and then became obsessed with it.

What do you have planned for Summer?

I plan to continue to settle in in London. I have trips planned to Amsterdam, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Portugal and back to the US this summer. Otherwise I will be interviewing for my podcast and getting ready to start my Masters in Psychology in the fall!

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