The Evolution of Tyreece 2.0

Embarking on a journey from the aisles of a retail store to the vibrant stages of TikTok stardom, Tyreece has woven a narrative of self-discovery, authenticity, and empowerment. In the midst of a global pandemic, they found solace and expression on the ever-evolving platform, challenging conventions and building a haven for the queerdom. What began as an exploration of viral trends took a transformative turn when they fearlessly embraced vulnerability, sharing the intimate moments of their transition into daily ensembles that resonated with a growing community.

They blend fashion with a powerful message, creating a space where uniqueness thrives. From defying stereotypes surrounding non-binary identities and dazzling followers with their avant-garde style, to landing major campaigns with the likes of Virgin Atlantic and Mac Cosmetics, Tyreece has become a beacon of positivity and inspiration. Join us as we delve into their world, exploring the fashion inspirations, advocacy, and the behind-the-scenes moments that make them the influential figure they are.


LEFT: Headpiece – @aidanreeceawreyartist // Face mask, Yellow Dress – @c_ritter_ // Necklace – @sophiecochevelou // Knitted dress – @drewkent__ // Denim top, Bag – @lickyourlipsclothing // Gloves – @juicycouture // Shoes – @dragpoleshoes. RIGHT: Headpiece – @sybansyban // Necklace – @sophiecochevelou // Dress – @matthew.david.andrews // Tights – @jonni_boi_ (Archive) // Shoes – @pleasershoes

Hey Tyreece, it’s a pleasure to speak with you. Can you take us on a journey back to when you first started on TikTok? What inspired you to begin creating content, and how did you feel when you started gaining popularity?

I was working in retail during pandemic and I always thought to myself I’m destined to be on a stage or platform. So I thought f*ck it. Little did I know that platform was going to be TikTok. I saw this trend of influencers ‘influencing’ nothing and gaining so much notoriety for minimal effort. I wanted to create a specific avenue that didn’t follow the status quo and build my own safe world for the queerdom. 

I did start with all the trends and that flopped harder than a pancake. But it was only when I started posting videos of transition into dresses I wore and clothes I actually wear on a daily basis that I started gaining 50k, 100k, 250k etc.  where people were finding themselves in me and I was gaining my community. Because I took that leap to be vulnerable online. It was scary at first as the amount of followers I was gaining was bigger than I ever imagined. But love always trumps hate. 

Your fashion sense is incredible! What advice do you have for your followers who want to express their unique style and confidence like you do?

 I dress how I feel. And I mostly feel fuzzing , warm and CAMP CAMP CAMP. There isn’t really a set structure but I guess a mini skirt and thigh high boot would come into play a lot. I base my fashion on my mood and don’t try and force wearing something that I clearly don’t want to serve. P.S – it’s fine if you want to wear baggy joggers one day, but throw on some jewellery, some platforms and it’s giving slay. 

RIGHT: Hat – @hat.n.spicy // Face mask – @houseofharlot // Choker, Accessories, Gloves – @jonni_boi_ (Archive) // Necklaces – @weirdbrain_creation // Latex dress – @houseofharlot // Beaded dress – @returningqueen // Bag accessory – @bratz X @mowalola // Shoes – @pleasershoes. LEFT: Headpiece – @aidanreeceawreyartist // Eye patch, Wings, Feather boa – @jonni_boi_ (Archive) // Beaded outfit – @returningqueen // Printed dress, Gloves, Shoes – @tamara_djandash // Bag accessory – @bratz X @mowalola

Whenever you are faced with a negative, remember it’s a reflection of their character and not your life. 

Speaking of fashion, could you share some of your favourite style tips or fashion icons who have inspired your looks?

 My icons are the two: Mugler & McQueen –  the old times though. I want to take people into a fantasy of what I’m serving. Big fabulous fur coats , exaggerated silhouettes. My clothes tell a story of who , what, where and why! I’m still that little kid just playing dress up in my mum’s clothes. It’s just now I get paid for it. 

Non-binary individuals often face stereotypes and misconceptions. How do you challenge these stereotypes through your content and presence on TikTok?

By existing and being visible. Everyone thinks non-binary means androgynous which is false. How someone looks is not equal to someone’s gender identity. Most people understand that but some people just don’t want to learn and are just bigots. So why waste my breath on someone incapable of opening up their mind. 

I always say I’m not asking you to understand how I choose to identify, I don’t understand why people like marmite but I don’t treat them with disgust and full of hate because of it. I question and respect their choice of life… Which is all I want. 

You’re known for your positive and empowering messages. What are some of your favourite ways to inspire and uplift your followers, especially those from the non-binary and LGBTQ+ community?

Love doesn’t exist without hate. There will always be those in the world who seek your downfall or sadness. However, this has nothing to do with your journey but everything to do with how they view their life. Whenever you are faced with a negative, remember it’s a reflection of their character and not your life. 

LEFT: Hat – @barnabyhorn // Earrings – @jonni_boi_ X Chromatica Oreos // Jacket, Shirt – @komkomromotyo // Gloves – @jonni_boi_ // Dress – @nokiofficial // Shoes – @pleasershoes. RIGHT: Hat – @hat.n.spicy // Jacket, Shirt – @komkomromotyo // Fur scarf, Gauntlets, Finger puppets, Boots – @jonni_boi_ // Bag – @sophiecochevelou // Dress – @nokiofficial

We’d love to hear about any upcoming projects or initiatives you’re working on that continue to empower and educate your audience.

 I actually can’t talk about most of them NDA’s and that BUT just expect fashion on the next level. Met gala level and just keep an eye on my TikTok @tyreeceinheels.

TikTok has provided a unique platform for promoting awareness and change. How do you envision the future of social media contributing to a more inclusive and accepting society for non-binary and LGBTQ+ individuals?

I already see the change. People are being exposed to their lives and different journeys through social media, and people are being able to find themselves through other people easier – which I’ve never had. But we just have to remember we live with other humans who can be evil and mean, and not everyone will accept us. The world will never be 100% accepting. That sounds pretty bleak as I wish it wasn’t true but people are AWFUL. And that’s why I prefer clothes over people. 

Let’s have some fun! Can you share a behind-the-scenes story or a hilarious TikTok blooper moment that your fans might not know about?

I know I’m known for my fierce walk but if I had a pound for every time I’ve face planted in my heels. I could retire. 

LEFT: Headpiece – @aidanreeceawreyartist // Face mask – @c_ritter_ // Necklace – @sophiecochevelou // Green dress – @c_ritter_ // Ribbon dress – @drewkent__ // Denim top – @lickyourlipsclothing // Bag – @lickyourlipsclothing // Gloves – @jonni_boi_ (Archive) // Shoes – @pleasershoes. RIGHT: Hat – @hat.n.spicy // Face mask – @alexraconda // Earrings, Choker, Belts, Gloves – @jonni_boi_ (Archive) // Top – @lickrika // Dress, Bodysuit – @matthew.david.andrews

People want to work with you, not your following

Your journey to stardom has been incredible. What advice would you give to aspiring content creators who want to make a positive impact and inspire others like you do?

In a very saturated industry now as everyone wants to be a content creator and work with these amazing people and campaigns and projects; it’s a lesson as old as time but be yourself. Being vulnerable to a point where you feel comfortable because these people want to work with you, not your following. I’ve only had the opportunity because I’ve been able to access a specific niche because of my own journey and not because I’m copying anyone else. 

Finally, what message or words of encouragement do you have for your fans who may be struggling with their own identities or facing discrimination, and how can they find the strength to be their authentic selves?

Take your time. There’s no rush to know exactly who they are and need to be ready at a specific point of time. I am still learning more and more things about me. The best part of self discovery is the journey, who cares about the destination as that’s always changing, it’s about the journey.

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