The Uncanny | Editorial

‘The Uncanny’ Collection designed by Antonia Thompson and Alice Carter paints a striking, otherworldly picture to challenge audiences on how robotics and artificial intelligence have become interwoven into the fabrics of our societies, presenting an almost dystopian reality today. They asked themselves – ‘What does this cross-over look like within the realms of fashion?’

The looks designed by the pair, were upcycled from discarded clothing and incorporate found metallic objects, sculptural textile forms and other 3D elements, fusing fashion with technology and sustainable practice. Drawing inspiration from collage and print techniques, it allowed them to push texture boundaries and explore their own creativities.

For the final shoot, Antonia teamed up with photographer Nefertiti Nettey for the creative direction. They worked on creating a powerful visual narrative of the pieces and concepts and put together an all-female team of talented emerging creatives. Diverse in their talents and backgrounds, this married up to a powerful collaboration – a reflection of how the story begun.

The photographs showcase the ethereal landscape and the bold, enthralling women that dominate it.

Designers: Antonia Paris Thompson and Alice Carter
Creative Directors: Antonia Paris Thompson and Nefertiti Nettey
Photographer and Post Production: Nefertiti Nettey
MUA: Sheniel Alexander Walters and Nerjs Issa
Hair: Julia Motcho and Ines Costa
Nails: Terezka Mbam and Tia Sandhu
Styling Assistants: Abida Quansah and Amira Kamara
Models: Anujin Roberts, Abazz Njeri and Kamsiyo Nzekwe