Toy Box Dolls | Editorial

In the heart of this eclectic pink world live the vibrant characters of The Living Doll House. I wanted to create a visual narrative that blur the lines between reality and fantasy. Creating a playful scene of life size fashion dolls venturing out of their toy box. Inside you will find; Plastic Doll, Baby Doll, Rag Doll, Porcelain Doll, and Weird Doll.

You will also find the curious presence of Lily, the doll owner. With each doll she lifts from her toy box, the room transforms, and her playthings transcending their toyhood, becoming full-sized muses of a fashion fantasy. Animated by her vibrant imagination. These characters stand boldly, inhabitants of a world rich in texture, pattern, and hue. The photographs tell a story of beauty, playfulness, and boundless imagination, offering a glimpse inside the vibrant dollhouse toy box that can be found inside Lily’s world.

Weird doll: @lavanda.contrabanda // @_kingpinalice // @minjikimstudio and Lily

Photography, Creative Direction and Set Design: Lily Lytton
Stylist: Lucy James
MUAs: Kanako and Saph
Nail Artist: Jenny Arrowsmith
Models: Chloe, Theo, Lona, Sophia, Reenie