Ukrainian Fashion Week presents TAMAR KEBURIA, J’AMEMME, GASANOVA | LFW AW24

Ukrainian fashion is making a statement on the global stage, despite challenging circumstances. TAMAR KEBURIA, J’AMEMME, and GASANOVA proudly unveiled their AW24/25 collections at London Fashion Week last Saturday. This showcase, part of the Ukrainian Fashion Week International Season, is a testament to the strength, resilience, and courage of Ukrainian designers amid the Russian war.

TAMAR KEBURIA‘s AW24/25 collection, titled ‘Reflections’, pays homage to the strength and resilience of contemporary Ukrainian women. Inspired by the designer Tamriko Keburia’s personal experiences of displacement due to war, the collection artfully blends fashion with the theme of refugee identity. Through symbolic mirrored suitcases, viewers are invited to reflect on the complexities of a refugee’s journey and find empathy in shared human experiences.

Meanwhile, J’AMEMME‘s AW24/25 collection, named ‘Le solstice d’hiver’, draws inspiration from the works of Ukrainian illustrator Okhrim Sudomora. Daring nude sequins and ethereal pleats capture the essence of Sudomora’s portrayal of micelles, blending art and nature into architectural forms that highlight tenderness and sensuality. With a palette of burgundy, blush, and black, accented by sequin sparkle, the collection sets a tone of sophistication for the upcoming cold season.

GASANOVA‘s AW24/25 collection, ‘WINTER SPICE’, celebrates the richness of spices and the warmth they bring to our lives. With a palette of deep burgundy, earthy brown, serene green, and elegant blue, the collection evokes a sense of comfort and cosiness reminiscent of family traditions. Founder and Creative Director Elvira Gasanova emphasizes the importance of creating warmth and comfort in uncertain times, encouraging us to embrace stylish dressing as a source of solace and stability.

Despite the challenges they face, Ukrainian designers continue to push boundaries and inspire with their creativity and resilience. Through their collections, they invite us to reflect, find beauty in adversity, and embrace the power of fashion to uplift us.

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Photography: Franco Royal
Words: Lorna Tyler