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British artist AlienBlaze has been waving the flag for anyone who feels or has felt outcast by society since her debut release in 2019. Using music as an outlet to express her unique identity, the young artist and musician also provides a safe space for others to be recognised and appreciated. Her latest release, “LOVESICK” with OmenXIII is a bold and brazen track about love, and like everything AlienBlaze does, takes a completely different path to the stereotypical love songs you’ve heard before. 

With a passion for colliding sonic worlds together, AlienBlaze’s music frequently blends sounds and styles, with “LOVESICK” introducing rap to her repertoire. The song is intense, gritty, and determined oozing fervour and a hell of a lot of attitude. 

We spoke with AlienBlaze about the new release, her love for fashion and future plans. 

Congratulations on the release of your new single “LOVESICK”. You’ve described the track as a tortured love song, but can you give us a bit more insight into the story behind it? 

Lovesick is actually a song that was years in the making in a way. I first wrote the very original version back in 2019 and although the lyrics were the same, it was a totally different sound to now because I was in a different place as an artist then. I always had it in mind that I wanted it to be a duet and I am so thrilled I got to collaborate with so many talented people on this record because they really influenced the sound and taking this song to a new level. 

The track features OmenXIII – can you tell us about how that collaboration came about, seeing as it’s an unlikely pairing genre-wise. 

I absolutely love the mixing of genres Omen and I created on this record with the rock meets rap element. Omen heard the record and loved it and wanted to be on it. I’ve always wanted to do a rock rap and Lovesick seemed like the perfect record for it. I love what Omen did with his verse and I really feel it made the record. 

How did working with OmenXIII on “LOVESICK” influence the overall sound and intensity of the track?

The introduction of Omen’s verse definitely intensified the emotion of the song and really brought it to a new level, especially as a duet. 

You often explore a multitude of genres within your music, previously delving into dark alternative pop, grunge, emo, rock and electronic. Are there any other genres that you would like to explore? 

I absolutely love trap music and find so much inspiration from that genre, so there’s definitely elements of that I have been bringing into my sound with unreleased songs. 

How did the collaboration with Kid Brunswick (producer) and Dan Lancaster (mixer) contribute to the final sound of “LOVESICK”?

The collaboration with Kid Brunswick really was the catalyst for the sound of this record and Dan Lancaster’s mix absolutely brought the whole record together as a united piece. The record would not be what it turned out to be without their contributions. Kid Brunswick and I listened to a lot of Linkin Park and Bring Me The Horizon when making this record which really inspired the sound as well and how they have pushed the genre of rock forward. 

The addition of “alien” to your name as an artist reflects a sense of alienation from your peers. How does this theme of alienation influence your music and artistic identity?

It has and always will affect my writing. When I first started writing music, I was so ill I couldn’t leave the house at all and that is something that stays with you. 

Are there any challenges you’ve faced as a young musician and do you have any advice on how you have overcome these?

Trust your gut and be your own person always. 

As well as music, you have an interest and talent in fashion, even creating some of your own outfits using recycled materials. Who are your favourite designers and do you have any plans to delve further into your fashion?

I would absolutely love to take fashion further and I am definitely hoping to have my own fashion brand at some point. I believe fashion and music are so intertwined and it is important to create an image to go with the music. I love supporting smaller up and coming designers such as Paolina Russo, Laura Andraschko and Grete Henriette. I also love brands such as Mugler, Balmain, Diesel and Vivienne Westwood. 

If you were to create a playlist of your top five favourite songs of all time, what would be on it?

“Ludens” by Bring Me The Horizon 

“My Name is Human” by Highly Suspect 

“Prayers for Rain” by The Cure 

“Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John 

“The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac 

What’s next for AlienBlaze?

Releasing another single in July, which is one of my favourites I’ve ever written. I consider it to be a fierce empowerment song. I guess it’s the start of my ‘villain era’ and a new sound. 

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Words: Alexander Williams