Ami X ‘Truth’ | Video Premiere

With hot girl summer put on hold, sad girl fall is in full force, with overwhelming feelings of nostalgia and longing for that one person. The ascendant spiralling late nights, more cold-enforced downtime, and the lightness of the previous season lingering; our restless minds call for more spontaneous, in-the-moment decision-making. 

The immersive, premiering music video for the latest single, ‘Truth’ by Manchester-based singer/songwriter Ami X, reflects on the unfiltered melancholic mood of fall with her sensual vocals taking center stage. 

Hypnotising into seduction, Ami X is mesmerising, patiently putting us under a spell with a simple but effective phrase, “All I want Is You.” Ami X exhibits qualities of the likes of BANKS, and The Weeknd, with her natural sensual demeanour and talent that has been crafted since her young age. 

Speaking on the meaning of ‘Truth,’ Ami X shares: ‘With ‘Truth,’ I wanted to capture the chase after what feels right in the moment, even when you know it might not lead to the answers you need. It’s like a late-night conversation where you admit that sometimes, all you want is that one person, and nothing else really matters.’ 

For the visual conceptualisation, the magic spurred in the moment of creative conjoined energy and collaboration amongst Ami X’s crew. She elaborates on how the stars aligned for the music video shoot: “We made the music video for “Truth” on a whim during a chill summer night with my friends. I played them my new song and the vibe was just right. We’re a close crew, and they are all creatives too, so got our gear together in just an hour and tried some things. It was very spontaneous but beautifully embodied the mood I was going for. I want to live more in the moment like this, and the video reminds me of that, and for that reason alone, it’s very special to me. Also, not gonna lie, I’m very happy it fell into place as well as it did, you never know!” 

With her last single ‘Traffic‘ Ami X was selected as BBC 1Xtra’s Step Up Artist, signaling the world is watching, and Ami X is on the right path to becoming the future of the UK R&B scene.

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Words: Karolina Kramplova