Bien et Toi | On The Rise

“Create a lot of things without thinking about what the end result is going to be,” says Gianluca Buccellati about the free-flowing creative energy fuelling his award-winning work. Better known as the Grammy and Ivor Novello Award-nominated artist Bien et Toi, Buccellati reveals an extension of his critically acclaimed series‘London Safari II.’

The release of ‘London Safari II’ elevates his presence as a solo musician, Bien et Toi, with a strong sense of community and collaboration at the center. The 5-track extension builds on the original ‘London Safari’ themes with the help of acclaimed artists like Halima, Paris Texas, Lily Rayne, and Deyaz. 

Bien et Toi proves his impeccable talent for gathering like-minded musicians and pushing them outside their comfort zones to deliver unrestricted expression. ‘London Safari II’ is a collection of a free-flowing penship of separate, unique artistic energies standing together as an extended play of versatile, groovy, rhythmic, and sensual soundscapes. 

Exclusively for Noctis, Bien en Toi details his new project ‘London Safari’: “The essence of the London Safari EPs has been experiencing different artists that I admire on tracks you wouldn’t necessarily hear them on in their own work. I love to push artists a little when we work together and see what they come up with when I play something that might be a little left of field. In that sense, the inspiration behind London Safari II has simply been continuing the journey with people who inspire me and creating songs that are great to listen to both passively and tuned in. It’s just a good vibe through and through. The period of my life that these songs were made in was really fuelled by collaboration from not just the songs but also the visuals. I’m excited to keep building the world of Bien et Toi”.

Bien et Toi’s previous achievements, including a Mercury Prize for his work on Arlo Parks’ debut album, ‘Collapsed in Sunbeams.’ His collaborations with Lana Del Rey, Biig Piig, Rei Shi, Paris Texas, Declan McKenna, and many more, are a testament to his talent. With ‘London Safari II,’ he continues to enforce his music-making mantra; don’t overthink, it all tends to fall into place in the end. 

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Words: Karolina Kramplova