Come Party With Bad Boy Timz

Do you enjoy living your life to the fullest? Do you live yoru life like there is no tomorrow? You’re at the right place. But this is not your ordinary party invite. This is more than that. This is a call out for everyone who wants to enter a lifestyle where dreaming big and manifesting harder is encouraged and leaving your inhibitions at home is necessary.

Welcome to the world of Bad Boy Timz and his highly anticipated debut album ‘No Bad Boy, No Party.’ After pressing the play button, it’s guaranteed you’ll feel your body moving instantly. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Bad Boy Timz is an Afro-pop sensation who lives fearlessly, like a true rockstar.

Guided by his mantra, ‘nothing is impossible,’ which is the theme of his hit ‘Igboro,’ Bad Boy Timz aspires to encourage his fans and listeners to follow their goals, be determined, and do everything they can to make their dreams come true.

Back in 2019, Bad Boy Timz first caught record label’s attention with his skits and viral freestyles. Today, Billboard’s new Afrobeats chart-topper and trendsetter, Bad Boy Timz, celebrates a milestone of 100 million streams and an album that is a contender for the afro beats album of 2023.

‘No Bad Boy, No Party’ is released in partnership with indie label EMPIRE, featuring 11 sonic treasures. Noctis speaks to today’s star of the show as he discusses his new project, its inspiration or the lack of it, opens up about the truth behind dating in Nigeria, and his overall lifestyle.

Bad Boy Timz wishes to do more than just a record. He wanted to create a real-life world where his fans could taste the celebratory and triumphant themes with other Bad Boy Timz fans. If you like what you hear or read, Bad Boy Timz is curating a series of private parties in Africa, Europe, and North America through the rest of the year for the release of ‘No Bad Boy, No Party.’

Did you always want to be an artist and a performer?

Yes, I’ve always wanted to be an artiste & performer. Especially cause my dad is a musician. He’s always been an inspiration to me. 

Could you share how was it growing up in your childhood house? Was music a big entertainer in your family?

Growing up in a household where my father owned a music band, I guess is self-explanatory. I grew up listening to a lot of Hip hop, Fuji, apala & tungba music, more especially my dad’s music. I would say my dad’s music is big to an extent as he still gets bookings till date home & abroad. He started making music before I was born. 

What is the meaning of your stage name?

I started out using Timz, which is a combination of Timothy and Timilehin. I found out there was an Indian artist already registered with the name. So to avoid clash, I decided to add bad boy to it considering the fact that girls already used to call me a bad boy from way back, I just thought why not infuse it and stand out.

Your career began with the release of Check and Balance three years ago, could you share what led up before your debut? What made you want to pursue this career in the first place?

I used to do covers before I started releasing proper music in 2019 and that was because my parents weren’t aware that I already started doing music up until I had my first viral freestyle to Davido’s ‘IF’ in 2017. 

In 2019, I got a record deal, and it was a clear sign that I was doing something right. I have always wanted to make music and be the best I can be while at it.

What are your viral hits ‘Big Money’ and ‘Faye’ inspired by?

‘Big Money’ was a statement, my aspirations to make a lot of money in all currencies & a subtle reminder that with money comes a lot of challenges.

I was in the studio texting Olajumoke on TikTok and she was being difficult and I told her I’ll put how exactly I feel in a song right away so you’d understand and ‘FAYA’ was the case.

What is the backstory of your lead single ‘I Salute’?

This is me saluting the beautiful ladies, and telling them that we see them, both online and offline. ‘I Salute’ is a standing ovation for all the ladies that are beautiful in real-time – they deserve all the hype.

Your mantra of nothing is impossible on ‘Igboro,’ what does it represent to you?

It’s a firm determination and reaffirmation not only to myself but everybody around the world that you can be whoever you want to be regardless of where you’re from or who you are. Go after what you want and watch the universe bless you. 

Could you elaborate on the dating scene in Nigeria you’re touching upon on ‘Tossmitoss’?

In my opinion, dating in Nigeria is a Joke! It’s impossible to love just one person (in my opinion), and it’s impossible for one person to be in love with you. People are in at least 4 relationships. And people that are in relationships and understand the concept of relationship are most definitely in an open relationship. It’s crazy everybody wants to tossmitoss your tossmitoss.

Referring to ‘Pop (Alcohol),’ what was the wildest night you had in Lagos? 

Damn! On this faithful day, I had a day party at the beach before going to 5 different night clubs doing the most. At 7am I passed out on a girl’s lap in the back seat of my car, I woke up on a hospital bed! I think that’s wild. 

You also expressed you struggled with writing inspiration for the album, did you feel under pressure putting together your debut record at all?

I mean to create Afro-happiness music; I needed some breaks in between to refresh my mind to not have a repetitive vibe. I’d say that’s what I struggled with the most was selection because I had so much great music to pick from.

What changed and got you to a place where you felt inspired to compose these phenomenal 11 tracks?

Different phases of my life not just as a musician but as a human being inspired all these tracks. I would say the album is a reminder that life is sweet regardless of what you’re going through. 

You want your album ‘NO BAD BOY, NO PARTY’ to be a feel-good soundtrack, what do you listen to when you want a pick me up or a solo dance party?

Yes, I would say ‘Pop’ & ‘Santorini’.

Could you recommend us some artists or songs that should be on Noctis’ radar?

Currently I’m feeling Ykb, Bloody Civilian, Brown Joel and Balloranking.

What is next for BAD BOY TIMZ? 

Greatness! I would continue to travel around the world with this album and make it know to the world that I bring a different vibe and a vibrant energy every time they see me.

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Words: Karolina Kramplova