Cut Throat Francis Strikes Gold with ‘I Want Your Money Back’ 

Bristol’s folk sensation, Cut Throat Francis, is back with their latest single, ‘I Want Your Money Back.’ This track is an absolute gem that showcases their musical genius. They effortlessly blend rhythmic instrumentals and melodic vocals, creating a tapestry of pure joy that’s impossible to resist.

Cut Throat Francis isn’t afraid to embrace the chaos of adulting. They tackle relatable experiences like assembling flat packs and swimming through the never-ending sea of bills and expenses. It’s like they’re speaking directly to our souls, reminding us that we’re all in this crazy ride together.

Their music is a wild fusion of folk instruments, infused with flavors from Eastern Europe and sprinkled with occasional swing rhythms-  a recipe for pure magic. When these guys hit the stage, get ready to be blown away as their engaging performances have you dancing like there’s no tomorrow. The band has an incredible knack for crafting words that hit you right in the feels whilst capturing the essence of everyday life, making you laugh, cry, and everything in between. It’s storytelling at its finest, set to an infectious beat that’ll make your heart sing.

Cut Throat Francis’ enchanting melodies and captivating rhythms will transport you to a world where you can momentarily forget about your worries and just let loose- a chance to reconnect with that carefree child within you. We can’t wait to see where these guys go!

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