Dai Dreamin’ with Dai Burger

“Nothing is unachievable if you set your mind to it and keep on Dai Dreamin,” announces queer NYC rapper Dai Burger, as an introspective remark reflecting on her more than a decade-long career and new EP ‘Dai Dreamin’.’

As a local fixture raised in Queens, Dai Burger is an Aquarius-channeling ball of confidence, embodying a new generation of empowering female icons. Looking up to Missy Elliot, Kelis, and the Spice Girls, Dai Burger is adamant about instilling the same confidence level into people listening to her slick rhymes.

Hot off the press, ‘Dai Dreamin’ stands as a sonic love letter, a gentle reminder for Dai Burger to acknowledge her growth and motivate her to keep going, stay strong, and follow the same mission: to take over the world. ‘Dai Dreamin’ features the hit single ‘Masterpiece’ that transforms Mozart’s iconic classical piece ‘Eine Kleine Nachtmusik’ into the rivetting slick trap beat.

There seems to be an unbeatable aura around Dai Burger, and her striking rhymes of encouragement, empowerment, and self-celebration layered over psychedelic rap blend with elements of the NYC underground club scene and 2000s hip-hop. Her bubblegum sweetness is elegantly spiked with raw sexuality and the current music climate’s quest for unfiltered talent.

As she uncompromisingly says in ‘Masterpiece’: “I’m a piece of modern art,” nothing will stop her from reaching global domination. Dai Burger speaks to Noctis about growing up in Queens, the backstory of her stage name, and favorite food spots in New York.

What are you trying to focus on in your private life this year?

Honestly, I’m jus always seeking peace within myself. And the only thing that brings me that is being my best creative self. So my goals are to find ways more ways to being financially free, all while pursuing my career and kicking it into full speed.

You grew up in Queens, what are some of your core childhood memories?

Ahhh, good question. I remember days of walking to school, stopping at the bodega and just being girly and chatty with my friends. Friends I still have ‘til this very day! I’ve always been a social butterfly, so everyday was an adventure for me really… always mingling and giggling. 

Your presentation and performance is very authentic, was there a wake up call that made you want to be unapologetically yourself without any reservations?

I’ve alwayssss been unapologetically myself honestly! As an Aquarius, I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum, I’ve always played with my hair and style of clothing. But once I graduated, I realized conforming to society norms was not an option for me, so I forged my own path… I knew I had something unique to offer the world so I proceeded to do so.

You’ve become a fixture at queer parties around Brooklyn, what are some things you will only experience at a NYC queer party?

The scene has certainly evolved but it’s not a party if we’re not standing on couches! We’re dancing, probably working up a sweat! Because in NY fashion, you know we showed up turnt, ready to party because we pregamed before the function lol!

Could you share the backstory of your stage name? 

It all started with a random tattoo actually lol. I got “I (hamburger) NY” tattooed on my wrist, I jus thought it was cool and funny really, but it began to take a life of its own lol. I then became “Burger Babe,” which then became Dai Burger! Also, I like to think I’m juicy & stacked and got everything you need lol, kinda like a perfect “Burger.”

Would you call yourself a foodie? Could you tell us your favourite NYC food spots? 

A foodie for sure! Always open to try new things but one of  my favorite places is Empanada Mama’s! Omg they have so many flavors and sauces to choose from, it’s really like empanada heaven! “Whew Chile”… they even have a burger style one lol! The one located in the Lower east side is open 24 hours y’all!.

What drives you and your passion to make music?

I truly believe I view and experience the world with unique eyes. Because of this I feel it’s my duty and my calling to share it all. I’ve done music for over a decade now and I’m always excited to release what I’ve been working on, as it was my first release ever. There’s so many eras of Dai Burger, and I take pride & joy in serving the girls every time! Every era!

Your sexuality has often been the center of your work, what artist’s work inspired you to bring more focus to sex-positive lyricism?

I’ve always admired a strong female presence, from Missy Elliot, to Kelis, from the Spice Girls to TLC. All of these icons showed us what it meant to be unapologetic and they did it so creatively. And being the stylish and sexy Aquarius that I am, it’s only right that I pay it forward and instill that confidence in anyone who listens to my music!

Your latest empowering single ‘Masterpiece’  transforms Mozart’s ‘Eine Kleine Nachtmusik,’ what inspired this idea to incorporate Mozart in your new material?

Shout out to my producer Saint! There’s not a beat he creates that isn’t FIRE! The moment I heard the piano kick off “Masterpiece” I just knewww it was a banger. He’s a very important force in my music, I love bouncing ideas off of him and trying new sounds. Together, there is no magic that can’t be made, “Masterpiece” included.

What is the main theme of ‘Masterpiece’? 

The idea behind “Masterpiece” is looking and feeling so damn good, that they might as well snap a picture, frame it & put it on a wall! Cuz it’s a “Masterpiece” honey!! So I decided to portray myself as “ART” in the video… Such a beauty that the thieves tried to steal me y’all lol…

What stage of your life and personal revelations are you covering in your new EP ‘Dai Dreamin’?

“Dai Dreamin’” is me taking a step back and looking over the past decade of all Ive been through and worked for as an artist… it’s a love letter to myself. Inspiring myself to continue to stay strong & driven. Nothing is unachievable if you set your mind to it and keep on Dai Dreamin…

What is on your main to-do list for this year? 

TAKE OVER THE WORLDDDDDD! NOM NOM NOMMMM lol, but seriously I intend to follow through with all I’ve set into motion and setting my “Dai Dreams” and intentions on a TOUR to get back on the stages that I love so much and to continue spreading awesomeness and bops for all my people to dance freely to. That’s all you can ever expect from Dai Burger…

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Photographer: NEWYRYE

Words: Karolina Kramplova