Douvelle19 Premieres ‘Green Light’ ft Harve

Fast rising DJ and producer, Douvelle19 is back with his new electronic single ‘Green Light. Featuring a warm and tender vocal delivery from Harve, the track expertly blends R&B, deep house, and garage, creating a seductive journey across the musical spectrum. Driven by a desire to blend music from the underground culture mixed with pop records, Douvelle19 adds a refreshing spin on dance music that feels youthful and full of emotion. It’s a style reminiscent of Disclosure’s early releases and one that wouldn’t feel out of place when listening at home or on the dancefloor.

On the inspiration behind ‘Green Light’ Douvelle19 states: “It’s about the gentle battle that humans participate in together on the dance floor, it turns you around, either towards yourself or another. Green Light is a teaser, and tempts you with an idea of ownership but really it encapsulates your agency and freedom as a listener, as a body.” The artist also speaks about his upcoming project: “This EP has been born from the places I’ve found myself in during the last three years, it’s about harnessing the state of dreaming without sleep walking. Each track is a moment I’ve lived, an emotion I’ve felt and is threaded together by the people in my life.” 

Douvelle19 has kept his fans waiting for new material, with ‘Green Light’ signalling his first release of 2023, however it certainly appears to be worth the wait. The track offers a teaser of what’s to come early next year, when he’s scheduled to independently release his EP ‘When I Dream’. It looks set to be a project that takes the inspiration of ‘Green Light’ further, with the artist stating it’s about “Human connection (or the lack of) and the intersection between isolation and love.” Such a statement shows the complex and introspective thought process that goes into Douvelle19’s work and the EP will undoubtedly allow for an even closer connection to his listeners. 

The artist is no stranger to the music industry, with previou stints as part of Astroid Boys, who signed with Sony records, as well as under his alias Dellux, where he signed with Chase & Status’ MTA Records. Now he’s enjoying the freedom that comes with operating as an independent artist and his work since has gained momentum with each release and his 2018 single ‘Every Single Time’ showed the potential his music has to reach people across the globe. We’re pretty sure ‘Green Light’ will take Douvelle19’s name to new heights. 

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Words: Jake Wright