Get To Know Emilia Tarrant

Fastly established singer-songwriter Emilia Tarrant continues to be upfront with the music industry, and we’re here for it. 

Debuting back in 2019, with ‘If You Want Love’ to now preparing for the release of her sophomore EP, Tarrant might only be 21 years old and describes her journey as a hell of a journey, but she has proved her critics wrong. With an angle of opening a new chapter, Tarrant welcomes 2023 with open arms.

As she continues to bring talent to the table with the teases of ‘When It Was Chaotic’ and her latest single ‘Best Friend Heartbreak’, Tarrant weaves through the telling stories of a young adult finding her feet. Visible in the works of signature buoyance production yet glistening, strip-back vocals, Tarrant invites her listeners to nourish a personal letter that continues to write itself. 

With a listicle of achievements that can’t be beaten, we caught up with Noctis own ones to watch Emilia Tarrant about her upcoming EP, 2022 and the secrets we’ve all been waiting for. 

Hey hey, how are you and congratulations on your latest release, ‘Best Friend Heartbreak’, how has the past months entailed for you? 

Hey! I’m fab thank you very much! I’m so excited that ‘Best Friend Heartbreak’ is finally out in the world. The last few months have been a whirlwind. Lots of writing, collaborating and recording for this year. And, a lot of released music, which has been amazing! I feel like I’ve been in a writing flow, and I’m so proud of the songs we have released recently.

Breaking onto the music scene back in 2019 with your debut single ‘If You Want Love’ but really making a stir last year, how would you describe your rise and your journey in music? 

It has definitely been a journey! And a hell of a bumpy ride, I’m not going to lie. I was only 17 when I released my first single, ‘If You Want Love’, and now 4 years on, I can’t believe the dreams and goals I have achieved. I’ve done things 17-year-old me could only dream of! From finding my sound, growing with my songwriting, putting together my band, adapting to the social media craziness and playing a ton of shows, it has been a very fun few years. I feel very at home with my music. I love every moment.

Speaking of your rise and talking of some of your fond memories of dreams, why did you want to become an artist, and what was the number one key influence? 

 I don’t think there was ever a particular influence that make me want to become an artist; it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do! I’ve always loved music, and songwriting became such a vital part of my life, almost like writing a diary, that I just couldn’t be without it. I’m so grateful that I get to pursue a career in it!

Currently, in one sentence, how would you describe your sound? 

Emotional, relatable and impactful. 

With a new EP around the corner and already teasing fans with your final instalment. How excited are you to release the overall project, and what do you hope to achieve from it? 

I can’t wait! What I love about this EP is that it’s a collection of 5 songs, that are each based on completely individual topics– e.g. love, mental health, and friendships. All I ever hope with each project is that people feel as though they can relate to the music, and over time, come back for more with every new song I release!

Opening yourself to a new chapter and already sharing a vulnerable side of yourself, what does ‘Best Friend Heartbreak’ mean to you, and creatively, how did the EP come together? 

All my songs come from my vulnerable side, but ‘Best Friend Heartbreak’ is definitely my rawest yet. It was a very difficult song to write, took me at least 2 years to put it into words! Songs about friendship breakups are not something you hear that often, but a topic that is extremely relatable. So, I just knew that I had to release it! 

Like ‘Best Friend Heartbreak’ the EP songs have all been written from personal experiences, and just worked out perfectly next to each other in the final tracklist. Not only that, but I’ve been very fortunate to work on it with some pretty cool people (Will Hicks, Kingdoms, Charlie Thomas)! 

Already worked with a multitude of artists and producers; who would you love to collaborate with in the future? 

 In the future, I really want to collaborate with more artists! I work with writers and producers quite often but would looooooove to work on and feature/duet on a song with another artist. Think a love ballad could be very emotional!

As you endure the highs and lows of the music world, what has been your number one learning perspective of the music industry, and what do you want to share with aspiring artists? 

 My number one learning curve, and what I’d share with aspiring artists is that you need to stay strong! Sometimes the industry is tough, and you can feel so small within it, especially with social media these days, but keep writing, playing, collaborating, and making connections, because it’s all worth it in the end. Be yourself, have confidence in your music, and work work work! 

What is your biggest pinch-me moment so far?

2022 was probably the biggest pinch-me year ever! There are 3 that stand out to me (I can’t just pick one!). My single ‘Slow Motion’ being played on Radio 1 was just the most incredible moment, and something I always dreamt of since I was a kid. Being invited and playing at Glastonbury Festival was another pinch for me. I mean, seriously, it was so surreal!!! The last one might sound silly, but getting verified on Instagram was such a shock, it was definitely a pinch-me moment. After struggling up and down with social media for a while, it was validation that I was doing something right and that I’m not just the girl next door anymore.

Continuing to cement yourself within the music scene and preparing for the release of your upcoming EP, what’s next for Emilia Tarrant? Any secrets you could spill?

Ooooooh, there is one secret I can spill… I have started work on my debut album, which will be a bigger and even more emotional bundle of songs! I am hoping to release it later this year, so keep your eyes peeled!

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Words: Ross Mondon