Eva Lazarus Affirms Her Status As ‘Royalty’

After dropping her self-affirming single ‘How Am I Looking?’ earlier this year, multi-genre singer-songwriter Eva Lazarus returns with grand new track ‘Royalty’.

Overflowing with soulful chords on a richly layered production by Dirty Dike, ‘Royalty’ opens with lush looped instrumentation laced with gorgeous vocal runs from Eva Lazarus before kicking into life. Eva’s melodic voice effortlessly glides over the beat as she embraces the goodness that her life has been blessed with. The song is the perfect follow-up to ‘How Am I Looking?’ as both tracks showcase a woman standing in her awe-inspiring power. 

Speaking on the time she wrote the track, Eva shares, “When I wrote Royalty, it was at a time when I was touring like crazy in beautiful hot places, but always for work so I’d barely get to enjoy the country I was in. I was always burnt out and I think my subconscious was begging me to slow down, take a holiday and look after myself, socialise with my people.”

Celebrating the release, we take an exclusive look behind the scenes of the opulent music video directed by Mara Lee.

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Photography: Michelle Kalil