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It’s been a roundabout year for East London’s Filàmont, she spent 2019 discovering herself and with that has come a new sound for the artist, in the form of her first EP ‘Misandry’, the 6-track release is giving us a glimpse into a new Filàmont, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Her previous releases back in 2018 of ‘Sunset Blvd’ and ‘Third Eye’ make for a nostalgic listen, the birth of Filàmont, now we get to watch her transcend into a powerful, soon to be chart topping artist and she’s bringing her day-one fans along with her for the ride.

Kickstarting her transformation, back in 2018 Filàmont made the decision to part with her previous record label, a bold move, and one that payed off in the way of creativity. Stepping into a fresh space at 22, working on her sound, bringing a boost of motivation and developing the confidence to rely on herself for creation. “As a musician sometimes holding onto things in fear of failing can keep you stagnant in your career. I feel like it was time for me to start fresh as I wanted to push myself without seeking validation from anyone or relying on anyone. It slowly stopped motivating me & I didn’t feel like I was elevating in my career. I wanted to be able to really express my true sound without being rushed or micro-managed. Either way I am still very grateful for the experience and have made a friend for life in my previous manager Joey, who always helps me when I need him.”

As for what we can expect from her new releases, a touch of Filàmont’s former self echoes through her latest tracks, her fusion of hip hop and soul are now combined with a lot more R&B and Jazz influences, it’s a sound mirrored from her adolescence, vibing to the likes of Keke Wyatt, Lil Kim, D’Angelo and Usher through her headphones in the backseat. “I would always stay up late & wait to watch their music videos on MTV base, MTV Classics & BET. Also, other genres like Afrobeat’s, Fuji, Gospel, Grime, House, Reggae, Dancehall have also played a huge influence in my love for music, because of my West African heritage & growing up in East London where Grime originated”.

A self-taught rapper-songwriter, her authenticity speaks for itself, listen to one of her tracks and you’ll see a raw glimpse into the artist, a distinctive sound echoing back to Filàmont’s ten-year-old self, starting her voyage into music, and one you’ll want to make your coffee to in the morning. “From a young age I’ve always had the ability to write my own music and rhymes, this has allowed me to play around with different styles of writing and create different sounds. I also use this ability to write for others & co-write songs when I’m in the studio.”

Working through a turbulent time in her career, in 2019 she took a break from music, struggling to find the same love for her industry “I just graduated from university in September 2019, in which I studied Music Industry Management. I was battling trying to find a grad job for 10 months, as well as figuring out how I would balance music & working. I was going through a lot mentally, all this stress caused depression & anxiety making me eventually lose the motivation to create & release music. I had to reflect & decide whether this was something I still wanted to do”. Fast forward to 2021 and Filàmont is blossoming, with a replenished love for music, her passion for beats, rhythms and lyrics shines through in her latest EP, Filàmont found her way through, and once you give her EP a listen, you’ll be grateful that she did. 

Considering ‘Misandry’ her rebrand, her new artistic vision depicts Filàmont’s journey into womanhood, reflecting on the strengths and weaknesses she uncovered with her 2019 journey, gaining certainty along the way. Designed to speak to women, her EP offers a relatable and open communication to her listeners, bringing her female audience together through a mutual understanding of what it means to be a woman. “I want women to know that we all experience the same emotions & go through very similar situations. It’s the beauty of life. Society can sometimes limit women on how much they should share & say, we are always judged & criticised. I’ve never been scared to share my experiences or scared of what people will think. I hope being unapologetically me in this EP will inspire other young women still trying to find & love themselves, as well as uplift & praise them.”

Dictating a phone call between two lovers, ‘Misandry’ (meaning, hatred, dislike or mistrust of men) Filàmont vocalises falling in love with an uncommitted partner, through a heated phone call, the EP explores the toxicity, distrust and longing for closure and validation that unite women emotionally. “It represents whatever the listener wants it to be, whatever memories it evokes while listening to it. All those emotions women go through, I’ve tried to incorporate it in this EP, because I’ve also been through it or have seen the ones, I love the most experience it.”

Creating a safe and honest space for women through her music, this 6-song monologue also allows for her own personal exploration. “I’ve never really been one to discuss my “love life” with anyone, I don’t really talk about personal stuff unless I put it in a song, this was a way for me to be vulnerable without finding it embarrassing”. Joined by newcomer AKWEYA for the first track of the EP, ‘men’, and featuring JonnoAQ in her second ‘whore’, both tracks receive Filàmont’s seal of approval as favourites from ‘Misandry’. “I’m very open & blunt in those tracks. I wanted to make sure my first 2 tracks made a bold statement on the experiences I have been through as well as many other women & my perspective of somewhat normal but toxic issues in relationships”.

Stepping away from the studio, her soft spot for art and fashion gives us a good insight into the golden glow that radiates from her Instagram page, a fusion of retro and modern aesthetics give us a hint into the retro-vintage pieces that reside in her wardrobe, recreating nods to classic movies and music videos back in the day. “Fashion is a part of my personality. It’s my everyday routine. Art brings me peace & I just love admiring pieces from upcoming young artists & also legends. I like to draw, read & paint when I want to reflect or be at peace. It helps with my anxiety.” Filàmont’s interests don’t just trickle down the creative stream, her passion for basketball and boxing make her somewhat of a sporting fanatic. “I’ve grown an insane passion for basketball since the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant…as well as boxing. “I’ve studied & learnt so much about the sport since then with the help of my older brother and have never looked back since. I’ve repeatedly watched all the all-star games possible & all the available games from the 75 NBA seasons, up until now. I watch it every day. I also love the thrill of watching boxing matches, it’s a tradition to never miss the big talked about matches in my household.”

As for what’s coming from Filàmont, don’t expect to see any more breaks from the artist, now she is back on the radar, she’s staying on it, set to release singles, music videos, collaborations and jump on the stage in the coming months. “My main goal is to keep being consistent as it’s something I have always struggled with; I want to make it a routine & a habit, so it gradually becomes something that I’m used to. I hope to grow my audience significantly in the next few years & God willing, gain life changing opportunities because of my music”. All topped off with that deep sultry voice that has us adoring Filàmont.

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Words: Lorna May