Franny London Shares Captivating Art Pop Single ‘METAL’

California-based experimental art-pop trailblazer Franny London returns with her enchanting new single ‘METAL,’ a prelude to her forthcoming sophomore EP ‘California Poppy.’ The song, co-written and produced by Franny London and collaborator Sam Irving, accompanied by Sebastian Jones’ additional production, instrumentation, and engineering, showcases a fusion of dreamy synths, harmonic guitar arrangements, and groovy drum patterns. Franny’s evocative vocals and layered songwriting infuse the track with desire and a dreamy crush, making for a stunning teaser to her anticipated upcoming EP.

‘Metal’ is inspired by desire, it is about the impermanence of desire,” explains Franny London. “It is about the ways in which we fall seamlessly in and out of love, in and out of the chase. Power dynamics are always in shift, never static. It is about the continuous, rise and fall of time, and the constant rebirth and mischief that comes with fresh love. It was inspired by the push and pull of love. By the games we play to actually connect. It’s the best kind of love. I wrote it through the lens of a chase scene in a dark city, but with a jovial quality. The sexy, spy-movie version of a chase scene where you emerge from the smoke better for the fight.

With her distinctive experimental art-pop style, Franny London has already amassed over 1.5 million plays online. A musician since the age of 7, she’s now 23 and brings an alternative sound to the forefront of pop music’s evolution. Boasting a sound that draws from the likes of St. Vincent, Florence + The Machine, and Caroline Polachek, Franny London invites listeners into a mesmerizing labyrinth of attentive songwriting and immersive soundscapes. The release of “METAL” nicely sets the stage for her California Poppy EP, reinforcing her place as a rising star within the music industry.

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