Gareth Dunlop ‘All We’ll Ever Need’ | Video Premiere

Last November, after his glorious performance at the Lower Third, Noctis referred to Gareth Dunlop as a songwriting genius. Gradually unveiling parts of his upcoming album, ‘Welcome To The House Of I Don’t Know,’ Dunlop has been on our radar, with three phenomenal single releases, ‘Church,‘I Don’t Feel You,’ and ‘All We’ll Ever Need.’

The premiere of the ‘All We’ll Ever Need’ music video must include a discussion of love—not the love that eventually fades but the true love kind. The type of love that makes things clear. From once blurry, confused vision, your life suddenly makes sense. 

Dunlop’s take on the four-letter word is simple yet brilliant. Similarly, like the premiere music video, only a man and his guitar, what more does one need to express his most genuine feelings? Lyrically, he is vulnerably romantic, portraying the lust, the urgency for the world of you and I, nothing else. 

With the opening unfocused shot, backed up by blue lights, Gareth Dunlop slowly leads with a few guitar chords to the compelling first verse:

“Wrap yourself around me 

As tight as you can 

Get me out of my own head

And into your hands “

With a pause, from blue to pink, the video builds up to the dramatic but elegant escalation required to flawlessly depict the consuming feeling of being in love, the craving for your own world, as Dunlop sings, “fix your eyes on mine, and nothing else.”

With the ‘All We’ll Ever Need’ visuals, Gareth Dunlop invites you into his world, peeling yet another layer of the highly anticipated ‘Welcome To The House Of I Don’t Know’ album, which will be released on June 14th. 

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Words: Karolina Kramplova