Introducing Ava Lily

“I swear that I’m sober; I just don’t want to be alone” is the heartwrenching, honesty-driven opener for Ava Lily’s standout track ‘Nobody Breaks My Heart Like I Do,’ which undoubtedly places her into the company of the most exciting singer/songwriter acts.

Within the first listen of ‘Nobody Breaks My Heart Like I Do,’ you will quickly realise there is no messing around with Ava Lily’s songwriting talent and crystalline vocals shining bright, accompanied by simple acoustic guitar arrangements.

Ava Lily offers a sophisticated and raw translation of a rollercoaster of emotions that navigates through her recent sobriety and self-destruction habits, sonically encapsulated into a 5-track long project, ‘Sunday Music Club.’ Other featured songs, ‘Sad Party’ and ‘Tight Fit,’ beam with sultry and mysterious atmospherics similar to BANKS and The Weeknd.

As a follow-up to Lily’s debut EP ‘Higher Love,‘ ‘Sunday Music Club’ extends her solo career as she owns the spotlight. In the early days of taking a plunge, Ava Lily was discovered by British DJ and recording producer Naughty Boy after her cover of’ I Can’t Make You Love Me’ on her Youtube channel.

Fully submerged in the magic of studio recording and collaborating, Ava Lily worked alongside some of the biggest names, such as Emeli Sande, Professor Green, Laura Mvula, and James Arthur.

Noctis recommends ‘Sunday Music Club’ for your long weekend antics’ soundtrack as Ava Lily discusses her new EP with ‘I Kissed A Girl’ playing in the background in a London cafe.

Congratulations on the release of ‘Nobody Breaks My Heart Like I Do’, it’s an instant hit and went straight into my playlist. What inspired the lyrics?

Thank you so much. Kinda heavy but I fell in love with somebody I was never allowed to fall in love with. I knew a future for us didn’t exist, but I couldn’t stop. I wrote it as an acknowledgement that my suffering and pain was self inflicted. He’d already made the disclaimer. 

Is it difficult for you to be so vulnerable in your songwriting, or are you rather embruing the therapeutic effects?

It’s an outlet to vent all my deepest and difficult emotions. It’s therapy and powerful healing. Sometimes we don’t know how we feel until we say things out loud, and it’s no different with songwriting.

You were discovered by Naughty Boy from your cover of ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’, could you share how that all come about?

I was making songs in my room in Bristol and I shared the cover on my YouTube channel. I was in Naughty Boy’s studio a couple of weeks later. I remember Emeli Sande being in the studio with him – I saw them writing together and I was in awe, to me it was like magic. I wanted to be a part of that world and find people who I have the same type of chemistry with, something I was lucky enough to find when making these songs.

How would you compare your 2020 EP ‘Higher Love’ with your new, second EP ‘Sunday Music Club’?

The last few years have been a long road of self discovery and my songwriting has evolved with me. I left a lot behind me – I went sober over three years ago, so the tracks on Sunday Music Club are naturally influenced a lot by my process of that and all of the chaos and the calm that goes with it. I guess I feel more in tune with myself this time around, so it just naturally feels more authentic, lyrically. 

What can we expect from this project?

Honesty, vulnerability, humility. I hope they help you embrace some type of emotion. It’s okay to feel your feelings.

What do you want you, Ava Lily, to represent?

While I know my voice, I’m still a new artist and as I move and grow along my journey I would love for people to interpret it for themselves, however they receive the message is how it was supposed to find them. I guess I’ve been practicing being less self indulgent around it, I’m aware as soon as I release the songs they’re no longer mine, but yours to receive as you please.

Besides your new EP, what else is in the books for you this year?

I’m studying for my psychology degree and working on more new music!

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Words: Karolina Kramplova