Isla Rose ‘Don’t Mess Around Honey’ | PREMIERE

Noctis is excited to premiere the new track and accompanying video by Isla Rose, ‘Don’t Mess Around Honey.’ 

Situated in the alt-pop genre, the track ‘Don’t Mess Around Honey’ is an uptempo welcome into the artist’s world and her upcoming EP ‘Pulse’ that’s set to be released later this year. It promises to explore the major themes of her life, spanning from her hometown of Kentucky to the place she now calls home in London. In-between she has immersed herself in Tupelo, Mississippi before picking up the love for music production and sound engineering that has led her to where she is now. This song is the first of many that reflect Isla’s personal growth and journey to today. 

The EP is intended as a chronicle of coming-of-age and what new found freedom can do to the psyche. This latest single hones in on the effect of a broken heart, but without the expected melancholy that comes from a song with such themes. 

She says: “‘Don’t Mess Around Honey’ emerged from the depths of heartbreak, but it’s far from a pity party. It’s punchy, fiery, and a bold statement of self-assurance – shaking off that cheating ex and embracing empowerment.” 

It’s something she showcases in both the production and delivery of the track, intentionally subverting the expectation of what a heartbreak song should be and coming at it with the intention to dance. 

Notably drawing on inspirations such as electronic music and pop, the track is a marriage of the two. Her musical DNA is one that is reflective of both the multiple places she has been and the multitude of feelings she has felt amongst them, this track most notably reflecting her time in London and the clubs she has frequented.

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Words: Janita Purcell