Jack Vinoy ‘LEMON & HONEY’ | Video Premiere

Noctis premieres striking visuals for the new Jack Vinoy single, ‘LEMON & HONEY.’ Inspired by the Super Mario Adventure 2 game, the music video uses special effects to capture the essence of existential stillness and persistence in the whirlwind of day-to-day chaos. 

‘LEMON & HONEY’ marks Vinoy’s triumphant return this year, following his successful collaboration with Jordan XX on ‘VAGABOND.’ Hailing from the music city of Nashville, Tennessee, Vinoy not only hones his own talent but also provides a platform for emerging acts. Through ca.mp3, Vinoy hosts open-to-public networking studio sessions, a testament to his dedication and passion for music. 

Amidst the dynamic backdrop, Jack Vinoy takes center stage, embodying the spirit of infectious positivity and optimism in the captivating rhythm of ‘LEMON & HONEY.’ 

Vinoy shares more about the visual concepts of ‘LEMON & HONEY’: “The LEMON & HONEY video was heavily inspired by the Super Mario Advance 2 game I used to have for my Gameboy SP back in the day. Phil and I wanted to emulate the sidescrolling nature of that game, so we shot most of the footage with me moving left to right, and edited it to keep me centered for most of the shots, just like the camera locks with Mario in the center. As I’m walking, the environments around me flash through different changes but still keep me as the focus of the shot, which to me symbolizes my persistence with the things I care about even while everything around me constantly changes”. 

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Words: Karolina Kramplova