Jägermeister x Peggy Gou | #SaveTheNight

To support nightlife communities affected by the global crisis, Jägermeister is launches a limited edition bottle with support from project ambassador, Peggy Gou. It is the first time in Jägermeister’s history they have altered the iconic bottle’s front label, back label and bottle cap.

Internationally renowned illustrator Max Löffler has designed the unique bottle artwork to combine the elements of: a portal, a tunnel and a lightbeam on the horizon, symbolising the current crisis, the path towards better days and hope. The back label reads, “The good times will come again. Until they do, this bottle is for those who make the night. Together, we support them. Together, we will #SaveTheNight.”

The global fund will be used to help artists, creatives, bartenders and club-owners who are facing never before-seen hard times and are struggling to make a living. The Limited Edition Bottle is part of Jägermeister’s ongoing global #SaveTheNight initiative.

DJ Peggy Gou has taken on the role of ambassador for the project, saying, ”It’s a privilege to partner with Jägermeister to donate €1,000,000 to support nightlife around the world. The nightlife community is suffering and we need to stand together and help each other through this very tough situation. If we can find a way forward, I’m sure our best nights are yet to come”.

Peggy Gou is working closely with the Jägermeister UK team to select the local charities and causes that will be supported by the campaign. The #SAVETHENIGHT Limited Edition Bottle is exclusive to www.jagershop.co.uk for £17.