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Watford native Kayla Grace has garnered comparisons to some of your faves like Olivia Rodrigo, beabadoobee and Avril Lavigne while maintaining her own playful sound, and her new single shows you exactly why. Charmingly titled ‘Pork Pies’, Kayla’s latest release about a “hypocritical, lying ex” is packed full of witty one-liners, and some very hard truths for her ex such as “think your mouth is probably a laxative ‘cos you’re talking shit” over a bedroom pop beat laced with pop-punk flavour.

Following a highly-anticipated show at Camden Assembly, we caught up with Kayla about her first time performing at her upcoming festivals, the ex that she wrote the song about, her dream collaborations and teasing a new EP in the future.

Hi Kayla, thanks for chatting with us. When did you start making music and when did you realise that it could be something you do professionally?

Hiya! Thank YOU! I started writing music in my room when I was like 14/15 and I guess I only realised it could be something I actually do properly this year! I always loved it but I was a pessimist disguised as a ‘realist’ for a while and that made me think it was impossible to pursue music. 

You recently performed at Camden Assembly and also have Dot to Dot and Victorious Festivals coming up soon. Are there any particular songs that you’ve found that really resonate with a live audience?

Yes, I’m so excited for my first festivals! I find that fifteen again is a bit of a ‘fan favourite’ but there’s an unreleased song I perform quite a bit called Berlin that always seems to connect well. 

Your latest single ‘Pork Pies’ has some really witty and biting lines, has the person you wrote it about messaged you to ask if it’s about them or said anything to you about it?

He actually hasn’t. It’s kinda sad because I don’t think he even realises he has a problem with lying anyway so I don’t think he’d be able to connect the dots. We don’t speak a load anymore either although lying and hypocrisy aside I actually used to enjoy his company a lot lol.

‘Pork Pies’ was created along with artist Martin Luke Brown and producer Mack Jamieson, how did you meet, and what was the creative process like working with them?

We met in writing sessions and then wrote for the first time as a trio on the day of this song. I started with the lines “You say I talk too much. And you keep talking about that”. and then we kinda just went on from that- we came up with a million hilarious rhymes for the Pre Chorus and it was actually hard to choose between them. They’re both great vibes so the energy was lighthearted and fun which I think reflects in the song.

Your musical style has been likened to some incredible artists including Olivia Rodrigo, Holly Humberstone, beabadoobee, Avril Lavigne and Gracie Abrams – what do you think about those comparisons? 

It’s nuts. I definitely love all of those girls so it’s really flattering to be compared to them. I’d say they’re pretty accurate sonically although I can’t see any of those artists releasing a song called ‘pork pies’ in all honesty haha.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

The 1975. Literally. the best ever. 

Are there any plans for your debut EP in the pipeline yet?

Yesssss heheheh. That’s all I have to say really.

What was the last full album you listened to?

Punisher by Phoebe Bridgers. I literally listen to this album on any long train journey because it calms my brain so much that I can just nap to it. 

What piece of advice would you give to your younger teenage self?

Just write more songs, and you’ll work it out. And hurry up and get driving lessons earlier. And don’t waste your time being a smelly boy’s therapist.

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Words: Cleopatra Bailey