Klangkarussell and GIVVEN Team Up on ‘Afterglow’

In a triumphant return, electronic music maestros Klangkarussell and GIVVEN drop their latest single, ‘Afterglow.’ Following the success of their 2020 track ‘Ghostkeeper,’ the duo weaves a captivating narrative of loss and acceptance. ‘Afterglow’ serves as the sequel, exploring the journey of embracing cherished memories while moving forward.

Teaming up with violinist Rusanda Panfili and pianist Johannes Winkler, the track immerses listeners in a world of dark and mystical synth design. Ethereal vocals dance alongside swirling melodies and celestial lead lines, creating a stunning soundscape. Klangkarussell’s insightful lyrics convey the beauty of holding onto the past while allowing the sun to set on shared experiences.

Having liberated themselves from mainstream expectations, Klangkarussell now operates under their own label, Bias Beach Records. Since 2019, they’ve released thirteen singles, amassing over 200 million streams. This newfound independence has revitalised the duo’s creativity, injecting a renewed sense of purpose into their music.

Klangkarussell’s impact extends globally- from London to clubs across Europe, the US, and Colombia, their DJ sets continue to resonate. ‘Afterglow’ shows that the duo are still evolving and continuing to cement their status as trailblazers in the ever-evolving electronic music landscape.

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