Later. Deliver Divine Funk on Breezy ‘Walking On the Line’

Young Parisian quartet Later. meld nineties indie-pop grooves with dazzlingly emotive production on the funk studded ‘Walking On the Line’, lifted from the debut album ‘Walking On the Line’ released this March through Cookie Records.

Following on from the band’s recent singles ‘She Is Coming’ and ‘Woman’, ‘Walking On the Line’ is a succinct display of extraordinary musical artistry, the band channel subtle retro influences coupled with introspective, wry lyricism.

Speaking on the track, the group share: “Walking On the Line is the title track of our very special debut album. The song is defined by its raw energy, the upbeat pop-rock-funk-infused sound was meant to be sung as loud as possible in the middle of the party. Overcoming your fears by accepting to lose control. Walking alone through this winding path and surrender to the moment.”

Produced in the intimacy of their Parisian studio, the debut album ‘Walking on the Line’ is the product of one year of composing. While the band’s first 2 EPs aimed at taking the listeners on a journey far from the daily hustle and bustle, where everything was softer and more serene, the album ‘Walking on the Line’ is a celebration of life’s wonderful instability.

The band explain: “This new record embodies the beautifully winding path we all travel as human beings: from falling from heaven with the opening track ‘Back to Heaven’, through the multiple rollercoasters of passionate love stories (‘Woman’), going through chaos (‘Eye of the Storm ‘), and undergoing loneliness ‘When She’s Gone’ to end up finding peace through the contemplation of nature with ‘Lemon Trees’.”

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