Lydia Ford releases introspective pop gem ‘Feel It For You’

Today Irish singer-songwriter, Lydia Ford releases her latest single ‘Feel It For You’, a synth inspired electro-pop production that shows off the artist’s beautiful vocal ability perfectly. Beyond all, it encapsulates the feel-good essence of summertime, something I’m sure we all can’t wait for. Over the last few years, Lydia has built a reputation upon infectious pop gems, with previous releases ‘Closer’ and ‘Lost In Translation’ mirroring the positive vibes of ‘Feel It For You’. A single that’s inspired by self-reflection, the artist brings a personal, introspective approach to a positive song.

Speaking about her latest release, Lydia comments: “‘Feel It For You’ is a song about a “situationship” where I was constantly trying to prove my worth and to turn it into a real relationship but, ultimately, I couldn’t make that person feel those things for me. It was co-written with producer and writer Ben Matravers (Easy Life, Josie Proto) in Leeds pre-pandemic and, despite its kind of sad lyrics, was so fun to write! It’s also the first of 3 tracks to come by summer 2021.”

Not many songwriters manage to write about sad moments whilst bringing an air of positivity to the song, and Lydia does just that. The productions glossy, synth sounds are juxtaposed with the artists bitingly honest lyrics on self-reflection. The artist’s beautifully powerful voice sits at the forefront, where her deep thoughts can be taken in, with the emotional realisation only amplified further still with the chorus’ intricate layering. In many ways, ‘Feel It For You’ is the perfect collaboration between singer and producer, with the latter doing a great job of bringing subtle uplifting elements. 

Lydia now finds herself living in Berlin, taking in the endless inspiration the city holds. The artist is well travelled, previously living in her home country of Ireland, as well as New York. This international approach has led her to working with producers across the world, from London to Tokyo, and perhaps that’s where the consistent air of freshness comes from in her songs. Constantly moving, taking in new things, that’ll always come across within your creative outlets. For example, ‘Feel It For You’ is a pop track with attitude, it’s upbeat, but there’s a rawness to it that reflects Berlin perfectly. 

‘Feel It For You’ shows Lydia to be an emerging artist with enormous potential. Within her international approach to collaboration comes a sense of unpredictability. Within the artists personal take on song writing comes a sense of vulnerability, which is consistently cleverly worked with on the production side, it all feels very well thought through. Above all though, Lydia’s greatest strength is her voice, a truly powerful weapon, capable of blowing many away. It’s still early in the artists journey, but the world is listening, and it won’t take long before Lydia’s career blows up.

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Words: Jake Wright