Madison Paris | 5 MINUTES WITH

23-year-old singer/songwriter, Madison Paris from Slough, wants to have a triple shot with you in her single ‘Triple’ featuring Bobii Lewis. Before she would treat you with ‘Rum and Wine.’ Madison has been making music for only over a year, but she already delivers a seductive sound putting people in the mood for a night out. 

Before the infectious confidence, Madison comes within her music; she was hesitant as to whether she should be an artist: “I come from a very musical family, so It’s always been something I’ve wanted to do. I was initially really shy and reluctant to start releasing music as it seemed like such a vulnerable thing to do. Being from Slough there weren’t really many opportunities or people to connect with so I literally followed a bunch of people on social media and arranged sessions and it kind of spiraled from there.”

From a shy closeted musician, Madison blossomed into a woman making it happen. Instead of being labeled, she makes music that is her own: “I think if it had to be a genre, it would probably be closest to RnB. Although I don’t really like having to label my sound or place it in a box because I never try to create something with the intention of it fitting into a certain genre. I love exploring new sounds and melodies and am trying to create my own sound, so I guess If I could, I would just describe it as ‘me'”, she explains.   

Madison utilizes her music and songwriting as a form of expression of her emotion that she would otherwise bottle inside. “I’m a very inwardly emotional person. I tend to keep things to myself, so I think music and songwriting have become an outlet and kind of therapy at times. Also, the producer and co-writers, if there are any, will heavily influence its outcome. For me when we’re writing and creating the vibe of the song is very much dependant on the energy the room is giving you. That’s why I love collaboration so much; it forces you into new perspectives”, she breaks it down. 

Speaking of emotions, Madison is determined to connect with you and invoke emotions that go hand-in-hand with her music. Even though she would love her fans to feel happy when listening to her music, it’s not a promise: “I guess I can’t always guarantee I’ll write happy songs, so I guess I just hope people feel what I was feeling when I wrote it. I want my music to connect and resonate, if it’s about drinking I want it to put you in the mood for a night out or if it’s about a break up I want you to be able to cry if you need to. For me, it’s just all about the music connecting and invoking some kind of emotion”.

Madison Paris served us with ‘Oh Mama’ and ‘Rum & Wine’ that she elaborates on: 

“‘Oh Mama’ was written by myself, Micah Million who features on it and Jack Rozay. It was actually our first ever sessions together. I had met Micah briefly the week before, and our mutual producer ended up setting up the session. It was super quick, I think a 3 or 4-hour session and we managed to write the whole song and record most of it. It just all flowed so easily and was a lot of fun to make as it just felt carefree.

“‘Rum & Wine’ I wrote with my producer Sokari. I wrote it in the summer after a succession of nights out where I had been drinking rum and wine (separately but still a very dangerous combination). Up until summer last year I was always a vodka girl, but funny enough Sokari actually put me onto rum so when we got back to the studio it just felt like it made sense to incorporate that into a song”.

The newest banger out of the Madison Paris bank is ‘Triple.’ It is a song that highlights her seductive sound and her ability to convince you to order that triple shot. She reveals more of the behind-the-scenes: “I feel like I’m starting to sound like I drink a lot but I actually don’t haha! This song was also inspired by a phase I went through where I would only order triples. Safe to say it was an interesting phase, but it also inspired the hook of this song. I wanted it to just feel like a Friday night, you’ve finished your work week, you’ve just got paid, you’ve got the day off tomorrow, and you just want to enjoy yourself”. 

“Sokari the producer of the song is very good friends with Bobii Lewis, and it was his idea to get him on the track. I was immediately excited as I’ve been a fan of his for a while, so it was the perfect opportunity to work with him! He came through; we wrote the rest of the song, and the rest is history”.

Madison Paris, remember this name. She aims to put out more singles and stunning visuals that she has been nailing so far. Next time, you feel frisky and will order a triple shot, tell the DJ to play ‘Triple’. 

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Words: Karolina Kramplova