Madison Paris In The Room

As the latest guest on SANDR’s new platform The Room, the highly talented singer-songwriter, Madison Paris takes centre stage. Against a backdrop of minimalist art frames and drapery, the artist treats us to a live performance of ‘Noughts and Crosses‘, taken from her latest EP ‘Blue Hour‘. In a truly immersive performance, ladened in layers of colour, Madison’s stripped back, live rendition invokes soul touching emotions. It reminds us exactly why the artist makes music, utilizing the medium as a form of emotional expression that would otherwise be locked away. 

The beauty of The Room is its intimate nature. With no room to hide, the viewer witnesses everything the artist is about. Highlighting each little detail and putting a spotlight on their unique talents. With the set transformed into Madison’s dreamscape, the artist glistens as she explores the space, embracing every melodic breath in synergy with the featherlight tinkle of the keys. Clearly comfortable in who she is as a musician, there are moments where she appears seductive and at other points somewhat bewitching.

Watching this performance, you can clearly see why Madison has made such a name for herself within the R&B world, emerging as one of the most talented lyricists out there. Despite being relatively new to the scene, she portrays a fearless approach to song writing which has enamoured her to many, building a loyal fanbase in the process. It’s led to her music being streamed hundreds of thousands of times on Spotify to listeners across the globe. Without doubt the artist has all the credentials to go all the way to the top, perhaps it’s just a matter of time.

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Words: Jake Wright

Team Credits:

Directors: Sukhy Bhandal and Rohmarra Kerr of SANDR
DoP: Cordelia Lawler
Steadicam: Luke Snowball
1st AC: Elliot Jackson
Production Assistant: Cordelia Grossman
Sound Engineer: Elliot Popeau-George
Editor: Akash Beri
Colourist: Aiden Tobin

Stylist: Innes Woo
Stylist Assistant: Anna Dewhirst
Set Design: Ronni Winter
Set Design Assistant: Nate Quartey
Hair and Makeup: Larisa Moldovan
BTS Videography: Casey Kwon
BTS Photography: Emily Lowe 

Madison Paris wears:

Performance outfit for main video: Red shoes by Amber Healey
Red corset and skirt: Marine Beybudyan
Black leather Swarovski choker necklace: Gucci
Faux pearl necklace: Vivienne Westwood
Earring from stylists own

Interview 1: White faux snake leather jacket: Matilda Åberg
Earring and necklace: Regal Rose
Interview 3: White furry jacket: Tamar Keburia
Earring from stylists own