MAX RAD Premieres New Video for Atmospheric Track ‘Let Me Think About It’

MAX RAD‘s latest video ‘Let Me Think About It‘ captures the mood perfectly of the accompanying single. The track features a vibrant melting pot of heartwarming synths, divine backing vocals and an irresistible drumbeat. ‘Let Me Think About It’ manages to find the perfect blending point between infectious and emotive. 

Elements of solitude and reflection can be found within the track, which is also found within the music video. The music video conjures up emotions of purity and solace. Using the imagery of nature, MAX RAD manages to showcase the purity of life. The music video is a never-ending interpretation that is sure to appeal to anyone. The video tells a million stories and touches on a million topics whilst providing clear and bold imagery that is striking. 

Artistically, MAX RAD has everything in the right place and tells stories that can be appreciated by many. With a growing fanbase, we can’t wait to see where he takes this. 

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