Mounika. ‘Little love’ featuring Roland Faunte | Premiere

“I’m a broken ship without a sail” is the prevailing, heartwrenching phrase lingering through ‘Little love,’ a premiering single by French producer Mounika. and alt-pop artist Roland Faunte. ‘Little love’ is taken from Mounika.’s new album, ‘Don’t Look At Me,‘ out now.

Mounika.’s production resembles signs of creative genius and emotional reimagination of electronic music and heart-stopping lyricism. ‘Little love’ builds on Roland Faunte’s original version of ‘Hand On Hand,’ as the opening song on his 2018 record ‘Saving Kit’.

Listening to ‘Little love,’ you are instantly lured into Mounika.’s galaxy and his signature textures and warm, sensitive, contemplative compositions. As a multifaceted musician, composer, and producer, Mounika. is impeccable at treating his sonic theme into short movie capsules. ‘Little love’ delves into the daunting nostalgia of what once was and the consequent loneliness. Accompanying visuals soundtrack memories of fearless teenage angst and heartbreak mimicking Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own.’

Mounika. says: “‘Little Love’ is the track that links to the older tracks of mine. It will reassure people who will say ‘I preferred before’. Roland lent his vocals to the track, and I made certain tweak that really resonates in a certain way and adds a whole new layer to the song.”

Resurfacing with new album ‘Don’t Look At Me,’ Mounika. aspired to embellish this body of work and complete its charm with his love for graphic novels and comics by collaborating with acclaimed Berlin artist Joe Taylor. The finished product beautifully compliments the album and Mounika. by creating a visual narrative, introducing two characters Carl & TJ, who embark on a visual and musical journey alongside Mounika.

“There is a real will to add drawings to the project. To offer people a little more than just music, by offering them visual stories”, he says. “Carl & TJ were born. It’s a bit like a Calvin & Hobbs, music version or a more electronic ‘Lord Quas’ from Quasimoto. The project took a long time to finalise, it has the image of a kind of diary. The artwork for the singles are represented in dedicated comic strips, Carl & TJ form an inseparable duo that navigate the imaginary world of ‘Don’t Look At Me’ music and the real world, and that the public will soon see evolve in different forms. Keep your eyes open, they might be around here somewhere.”

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Words: Karolina Kramplova